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We girls were sitting on the lawns outside, awaiting the clock to strike for the practical class. Just then a flying bird shitted on the jutting of my left breast, I mean, over my blouse. I looked up: it was a crane. “It’s a good omen of luck!” opined my classmates. My father used to say that I was conceived in a spiritual way and would bring good luck and fortune once I grew, but he didn’t have any luck to see it realized. And luck is here in the premonition of … Oh shit! I had to have a wash and change. On my way to the hostel, I met Bhavana and she accompanied me into my room. Bhavana wa… Read more

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Sensational vacation


A family on their way to their vacation destination becomes sexually aware of each other. This story took place the year of my Last teen birthday. It was the last real family vacation my family took together. I was the last year of my teen age, almost six feet tall, still a skinny teen but my muscles were developing as I was getting into lifting weights. My hair was dark, cut short, dark skin complexion like my mother and I have black eyes, which I got from my father. It was late summer and dad decided we were all going to Goa Beach for a week vacation. My 43-year-old mom Madhuri, 47-year-old… Read more

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Strange temptations


Devyani Dutta was furious. She had just received a phone call from the detective agency that she had hired to spy upon her husband. An agent from Delhi just informed her that a girl had been visiting her husband in his it`s very HOT el’s room for the last two nights. This night as well she was there… For more than two hours. “Sonofabitch… !” She fumed with anger as she cut the phone. “The bastard is busy screwing a bitch on his wedding anniversary.” She lay on her bed trying to control her rage. She looked around… Her expensively decorated bedroom… Her master size bed. Tears swelled in her eyes. She wa… Read more

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Family Life Ch 13 - Unexpected Romance


David left his mother and Laura in the reception area while he went to find out where his father was. Eventually he was directed to the intensive care unit. When the three of them got there they were told that the medical staff were still working on him and they were shown into a private waiting room. “I know this may sound awful Mum,” David said, “but l don’t know what to feel, l don’t wish him dead of course but he has brought this on himself and after what happened yesterday l don’t have a lot of sympathy.” “I understand,” Mary replied, “he’s not been happy for years, Laura is the only on… Read more

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My late Mom Marnie and Helena,s Mom Crystal had been girlhood best friends and I think they secret.y hoped Crystals stunning blonde eldest daughter Helena( she had three girls and two boys) would eventually get together. Helena went to a school forty miles from where I was raised in the Midwest, but our Moms were born in the San Juan Islands in Washington, Crystal meeting her husband Lloyd when he was on vacation, my Mom meeting Dad when he was stationed on the island she lived on with the old Army Air Corps. Helena had always seemed to like me. but due to constant bullying at school my confid… Read more

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Last week of my free month(casual encounter)

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The morning after my intense night with Anthony, Sunday morning. I wake up still in my lace bodysuit. Bottom half of my bodysuit soaked with lube, sweat and Anthony's cum. I leaked all his cum on my bed since after Anthony's bbc stretched my boipussy the butt plug wouldnt stay in. I went to clean up, shower and get a change of cloths. I chose a spaghetti top, pink v string thong and running booty shorts. I wash my cum stained sheets and some of my sisters cloths that I have gotten covered in strange mens cum. This month has gone by so fast and I only have a week left before my family comes ba… Read more

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Black Guy & Indian Wife 2

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She saw him slowly unbuttoning his shirt, button after button set lose, giving a peak of the beautiful body that hid beneath; something she had seen just recently at the beach. She couldn't believe that it took so little time for her to be seduced and she was confused as to if she was easy or he was the master seducer, the ultimate manipulator. The shirt was off in a few moments and was lying on the floor. She gasped she saw those chiselled pectoral muscles, that prominent set of abs and the strong shoulders from so close. What made her gasp louder was that he was unbuttoning his shorts too… Read more

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Limitless Chaos, part 5


(This story was created with the help of Lady_Chaos) She continued as he seemed to almost grow used to the sensation as his reactions became less and less. She wasn't about to let him do that...yet. He had been gag and hood free long enough as she replaced the gag and this time blindfolded him instead of the hood as he continued to sweat. She then walked over and grabbed a horse whip which hung on the wall near where we was standing. She re-approached him from behind, clutching the long black whip with a thin braided flexible tip. Without any sound to give him warning, she swung it swiftly, l… Read more

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Black Guy & Indian Wife 1

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"Seat number 50...seat number 50..." Mira mumbled as she walked through the narrow passage in the train compartment. "Aaahhh...seat number 50..." She said triumphantly as she found her seat but was a little disappointed seeing another man sitting on it. The middle aged man looked up to her and was a little startled to see a young woman giving him a nasty look. He realised that he was in her seat as she waved my ticket in his face. Grudgingly, yet lazily he stood up and walked away. She continued staring at him till he walked out of sight. She threw her backpack on the berth and made hers… Read more

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Our Awesome Threesome

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I am born and raised in Kolkata. This story is about me and my fiancée and our first experiment with our sex life. I met Akansha during my Post graduation days in Delhi. It was 5 years back when I was 22 and she was 21. We are now engaged and will be getting married in February. Akansha belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan and had also come to Delhi to pursue her post graduation. It was love at first sight for both of us and our relationship immediately clicked and we connected to each other mentally. We had a rocking time in Delhi and since I had rented an apartment for my own self our sex life flour… Read more

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This is the story of my life time sexual fantasy and sexual encounters Characters ages and the period of relation are Me – 19years Mom – Shobha – 36years 36d-34- 36 sizes Dad Murali -46years Kistappa – 56 years TIME PERIOD (1990-1992) My dad is a landlord. Mom is a house wife. I have a brother and a sister. We live in a town nearby. First let me start with a small incident that awakened the sexual desire in me and two small events before a big incident which made me think and lust for my mom. It was summer holidays. I used to stay at home all the day to keep away from the it`s very HOT sun. That aft… Read more

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Limitless Chaos. Part 4


(This story was created with the help of Lady_Chaos) We both love to write, hope you enjoy He felt each slap as the leather strap came into contact with his now warm ass cheeks. A steady stream of drool had now formed from the mouth gag to his chest, working its way down to his fully exposed cock, dripping of the head as if he was relieving himself on the floor. Each time the leather strap made contact with his as, he bit into the gag and threw his head back, causing his drool stream to move from side to side on his upper body, moistening not only his stomach and cock, but his nipples as wel… Read more

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I am A Fifty Rupee Whore

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I was sitting on the bed in the small room, literally twiddling my thumbs and waiting. I was dressed in a black knee length wrap-around skirt and a snug white t-shirt that accentuated my boobs. There was no bra underneath, so my nipples were poking through the fabric. A rusty ceiling fan was rotating at full speed, making a low whirring noise. The room was still a bit stuffy. I got off the bed, and walked to the only window in the room, which was closed. Struggled with the tight bolt a little, finally slid it open, and o… Read more

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My Mom Is A Cheater

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This is about how my mom cheated my dad for sex. My dad is a common man who works hard for the welfare of our family and is working abroad in U.A.E. He has left India at a very young age to make more earning so that his family will live happily in home. We are an upper middle class family from Kerala. My family consists of me, dad, mom and grandpa. My mom is a housewife who always spends lot of her time and money to go to beauty spa and health clubs and maybe due to all these she looked really young and beautiful for her age. She could make any man get a hard on by her sexy curves. Now before… Read more

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How I Became My Watchman’s Slave

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I have a very fair complexion, height 5’5″, busty and curvy. Vital stats – 36, 30, 36. Am very very very horny and lost my virginity very young. Let me narrate one incident that happened to me. Both my parents are working and I was in college. It was study holidays for me and I was at home, alone, pretty bored. I lived in the ground floor of an apartment. There was this watchman, tall and dark, but not really handsome. He was young – must have been only 25. But he was very well built. Being so white complexioned, I alwa… Read more

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Journey Towards Sex With Mom


This is a real story. It is unlike those other fakes where people directly have sex with their moms. I am 22, live in Pune and work in an IT firm. My parents live in Mumbai. My dad had bought a house in Pune long back and thus I live in it alone. My mom and dad visit frequently and stay over the weekend. My dad had to go to London for business work for 2 weeks and hence my mom came to live with me in Pune while he was gone. Living alone, I had got me into some very bad habits like masturbating twice a day, watching a lot of porn. I also had habit of watching i****t porn and reading ISS so I… Read more

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Mommy Sexual Journey

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I will give a brief details about me. Myself Shradda on my 9th standard. I’m from Jabalpur it is in Madhya Pradesh. Our family consists of 3 members’ mom and dad. My dad works as a taxi driver and mom is a house wife as our great grandparents left much money for us we are living happily. My mom’s name is Archana. She got married to dad when she was young and within one year she got pregnant and gave birth to me and our happy family. Now my mom’s age is 32 now s dad is a taxi driver he comes very late in the nights and sometimes don’t come home in the nights. He will go with his friends and e… Read more

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Skipping Class.. (A Real 'Fantasy' Lesso

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When I was s***een years old, I fucked; and ate, a seventy two year old woman's pussy!! (I'll call her Mimi)... Mimi was my stepfather's grandmother. I used to skip morning glasses and go to her apartment. The thing I loved about Mimi.. She always wore black or white thigh-highs, and a see through lace trimmed nighty! Mimi was 5'3, had short gray hair, light brown eyes; and for a woman of her years, she barely had any wrinkles. She took good care of herself and had great fucking legs!! (My God!! Great Legs!!) One morning I left school and walked to Mimi's apartment. When I arrived she opened… Read more

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A Walk in the Woods


Ok, so I have a couple of reports due coming up. A good excuse to go to the library. Lidia calls me up to go study together. I have no car, so I'm a slave to family and friends who have them. It sux! Anyways, Lidia says she'll take me to the library. I don't know why, but for some reason my mom likes Lidia. My mom mostly hates all my friends, but Lidia (probably the worst influence on me) my mom likes. Its about 4pm, and we head off to the library...or so I thought. We are heading the wrong way. So I ask, "Hey, where are we going?" "Not the library" she says with a smile. She figures its too… Read more

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So that's what a "Gloryhole" is...

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I have lived a very strict and overly protected life. My mom is a tiger mom. Recently she has been over really busy, and I've gotten a little bit more freedom. Thank God! One of my friends, Lidia, has taken advantage of this. We've been driving around town, hanging out and just having a blast! The other day she took me to an adult video arcade called "Mimi's". Ok, first off, it was stinky, like cleaning products and a bad toilet. I guess it was supposed to be $2 to get in, but they let us slide on it. The place was pretty empty. We looked around in the DVD area for a bit, then Lidia asked wha… Read more

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