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This is a print version of story August Part 2 Round 1 by amatyourserviceII from mykitchenkohl.com

August Part 2 Round 1

A reminder, I am relating events from memory. There may be some disjointed spots. Here at home, now officially unemployed (gvt shut down)
Gives me lots of time.
The lead up seems long, but it is a real event not made up, so details are needed.

Next morning I was 1st one up, meaning I had kitchen duty.

I heard female laughing and other noises in the middle of the night, but did not investigate.

Made coffee, banged around skillets and other stuff, started Bacon and potatoes, food always brings people.

Remember it is summer and it`s very HOT at that, even in the mountain mornings this year. House has no A/C, usually don't need it up here.

3 lightly clad women come bouncing into the room asking what's for breakfast. I wanted to reply they were, but thought otherwise.

As things progressed, Donna chirps in "how does it feel to be 3 times a daddy in one day"? I had no real answer which lead to some serious humiliation, including the question if I even remembered what went on.
I reminded them who was cooking.

Dawn blurted out that they they had to go home for the day but would be back in the evening with their mom (Cindy) but Dina was not coming back.

Fast forward

As they left Dawn said for me to take it easy as there was a "surprise" for me in the evening. I am reminded of the time in the tent when Dawn and Donna each conceived their first c***d in their mothers presence. Then the next day I fucked their mother.

About noon the Official phone rang, I was working on records. Some exchange staff were leaving for home (Germany) on Monday. It was Mike, he said we were having a party For Zack, Bill and Steve (remember I "supply" names to protect the not so innocent) as they were going home and he wanted to use my house (not really mine just where we live seasonally) because his place was not large enough. I said yes, but how many are coming? He replied about 12 or so, and not to worry, the food was taken care of. Also the "girls" were bringing some "cushions" for the floor.
I'm like OK, what time? He said that he and Deb would be there around 4 or so.

Again fast forward

A little after 4 I hear a truck pull up, it is Mike with Deb. They can walk that far why the truck? They start carrying up trays of food items, I offer to help, they decline, just asking me to clear the table for it. After a couple trips, they bring in multiple types of berry wine and some Tequila. This is going to be interesting.

When Mike is out of the room, Deb suddenly pats her now obviously pregnant belly and asked if I am proud of my handy work? I had Fucked her several times over the past few months, but thought she was on B/C. She continued, Mike thinks it is his, but I know better, oh by the way Betty is disappointed, she had the flu, and has confirmed she is not pregnant and then pointing to me Deb goes on to say "you have work to do!" At that point i almost opened some of the liqueur.

Later I heard a car and next ANNA was at the door, now I am thinking this is odd, Deb and her mother are here and Cindy and her 2 daughters are due back, so this is going to be just a plain ole party (which would be OK).
Then Chris and Betty show up and shortly there after Cindy, Dawn and Donna arrive. So far there are 9 people here, 3 guys and 6 women.
Mike now makes a phone call and announces that the 3 exchange folks will be here in about 15 minutes.
He wants us all to do the hide and "surprise" thing and apparently the exchange workers know nothing of this.

It is still it`s very HOT , I have 2 fans running, all of us are reasonably dressed, So I still am just following along, then as the guys vehicle approaches we all hid in the kitchen, when Mike opens the door the confused looking guys walk in and we ll do the "surprise" thing. Everyone laughs and so on.
Other food was brought in so we all had plenty, the alcohol was opened and a fun meal was had.

Deb on the other hand was starting to get that Bitchy attitude she has when she is really horny.

Then Cindy brought out 6 small glasses of black berry wine, "something for the Guys" she coyly said. I sorta figure it disguised dissolved Viagra. I looked at her and she smirked, the other guys all drank theirs down rather quickly, I savored it a bit.

Betty announced "it's it`s very HOT in here, ladies I suggest bras off" and with that along with some cheering all bras came off, however you know women can remove those things and never expose any flesh, that is exactly what happened. However they made sure to do it in front of us all, so expectations were disappointed.

Dawn and Donna then disappeared, only to return with rolled up mattresses from the cot beds at the lodge, Cindy said they were slated for disposal, so we could use them, some were torn at the seams but all were clean, they were unrolled on the floor in the living room. We had to move the couch, Donna looked at the cum spots on the floor from last night, I forgot to wipe them up. I simple said the spots are where fun happened.

Now most of the living room was all mat. The ladies had all either unbuttoned most of their shirts or rolled up the midriff. I could feel Viagra starting on me, the 3 young German guys were repeatedly, uncomfortably rearranging their crotches.

Deb now grabs Mike, dragging him to the middle of the room she announces "let me show you why we are all here!" (already too much Tequila) She pulls off Mikes shirt, unbuckles his pants pulls them down, getting on her knees she pulls his cock out of his shorts and proceeds to give him slow but deliberate head. Suddenly she stops, takes off her shirt and tosses it across the room, looking at us she said, "remember where your clothes land". While she went back to the job at hand. I looked over at our guests and they could not hide the hard on they had in their pants.

Deb stood up and ordered Mike to finish getting undressed and then she pulled off her maternity slacks and stood there in here full pregnant glory. She had Mike lay down she straddled him and slid down on his hard cock.

Anna blurts out "that's my little girl, horny bitch ain't she". The room was silent except for Deb's grunting as she slowly and deliberately rode on Mike. Ann got up and walked over to where Zack was standing and proceeded to grind her ass back on him. All inhibition in the group was gone. However we were spell bound watching the spectacle in the middle of the room. I was in a chair and Betty cam over and set on my lap, taking off the top and tossing it on the floor, all the other ladies soon followed suit. Meanwhile Deb was dragging her swollen tits up and down Mikes chest as she rode him, I could almost feel here slick pussy rubbing up and down with each stroke.

Mike was getting close, suddenly Deb stopped and slapping her ass she announced, "I spent 2 days preparing for this who wants it!?" Before anyone could move Chris jumped up and standing behind Deb quickly stripped down, his hard Cock pulsating as he aimed for Debs ass. Mike lay here helpless and probably needing to cum. While Deb was on top of him grunting, totally controlled by her lust, as Chris slowly worked his cock into her ass.

A pregnant D/P what a sight. I was so hard and leaking, Playing with Betty's medium size tits I sorta lost track of the show, soon Betty and I were locked in kisses and she had unbuttoned my shirt so we had full contact. I reached into her pants, no underwear, I found her crotch, fully shaved, my hand went to work, then she pushed me away.
I thought I did something wrong, rather she got up and took off her shoes and pants, she had a bracelet on one ankle, damn they turn me on, I have no idea why. I could now finger Betty at will, Chris turned and saw her spread legs with me masturbating her and Chris then began an earnest fuck of Deb's ass.

A quick glance of the room and I saw everyone doing someone, Dawn and Donna were on one of the other Exchange guys. Anna was with Zack, giving him a blow job and the 3rd exchange guy was eating out Cindy.

Then Mike groaned out and sit`s very HOT a load into pregnant Deb's baby factory.
Chris kept on working on Debs ass. Meanwhile I was naked and Betty was in the chair with her legs over the arms as I went to eating her luscious pussy.

I heard the sound of fucking in another location and now Anna and Zack were at it. He had her doggy style holding her hips and banging into her.
Deb saw her mama and blurted out, "save some for me!"

About then Chris lurched and announced I'M CUUMING thrusting deep into Deb's ass he sit`s very HOT his load, I wondered if it all stayed.

Betty suddenly lunged back into the chair thrusting herself into my face as she came. Panting she motioned to the floor and said it's your turn now.

She straddled me reverse, I could watch her as she aimed my cock to her target and the slowly wiggled down in me.
It felt so good and it`s very HOT and wet all at the same time.

Deb was up and wandering (dribbling) around, she got a pillow and placed it under my head, that was more comfortable and I could easily watch Betty fucking me, Pussy lips spreading out as she raised up and folding in on the way down.

I heard Anna grunt and Zack's halting breathing behind me, suddenly he growled as he unloaded into her.

Betty was going so Sloooow and stopping, driving me wild, My loads get larger when held off and Betty knows this.

I heard the one exchange guy get off, do not know with who or how.

Betty sped up, but no too fast, I like paced fuck not a race to the finish line, again Betty knows that.Then my cockhead became super sensitive, nothing I could do, Betty firmly set down on me and wiggled her ass back and forth, I sit`s very HOT a extra size load into her, never mind I did 2 times last night, it was like I had not cum in a week. I could feel it running out of her and up my ass crack.
As Betty was rolling off I heard Cindy start Cussing, I knew she was cumming, Turns out Bill had her on the floor fucking her belly down ass up and he had just sit`s very HOT his load into her.

We all sorta set around panting and sweating, you know how you lose track of the environment during sex and then it rushes back, that was us.

Setting on a towel in kitchen chair Deb blurts "that was good, there is more to cum!"

I will write round 2 soon
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