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excuse my language, &/or pardon my french. but

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my God, but that is like say, or how you say like scary. this particular afternoon for something like six, or seven days before a, or the thanksgiving day holiday for this calendar year of two-thousand, & eighteen, twenty-eighteen whereas i'm watching that being of a news-story about a mad-shooter had went upon a shooting-spree upon the southside of the city of metropolitan Chicago, Illinois, u.s.a. before that being of the closing of the day for that being of the five o'clock p.m. hour. I mean this stupid, crazy, excuse my language, &/or pardon my French, s.o.b. bastard was armed to… Lees meer

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GF takes Advantage of Me

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My pager went off at six thirty Saturday morning. Voice mail. I crawled to the phone and answered the page. The soft voice of my girlfriend Anne met my ears, "Hello, my slut. I want you to check into the Holiday Inn on Madison Ave and I-80 by eight a.m. I will meet you there. Bye." I hung up, a smile playing at the corner of my mouth. I quickly jumped into the shower and washed my hair and body. I dressed in blue jeans and a green pullover shirt, white socks and my tennis shoes. I left the house with plenty of time to reach my destination. The sky was just getting light, the California sun… Lees meer

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Mrs Wilkinson PT 3

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The phone started ringing which Hazel answered. "Time to go Steve ! Such a shame ah well always tomorrow" she smiled. I got dressed and wandered home in a bit of a daze. I couldn't believe what had happened and as I walked into my house I got another shock. "Hi Steve Hazel has just called and said thanks for all your help today and says to remind you its 10 o'clock in the morning" I quickly replied "Ok mam a bit more to do" "Shes very impressed with how hard you worked". "Yes I'm tired going for a lie down Mam". “Ok Steve” I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes. I couldn't get what h… Lees meer

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Mrs Wilkinson PT3

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The phone started ringing which Hazel answered. "Time to go Steve ! Such a shame ah well always tomorrow" she smiled. I got dressed and wandered home in a bit of a daze. I couldn't believe what had happened and as I walked into my house I got another shock. "Hi Steve Hazel has just called and said thanks for all your help today and says to remind you its 10 o'clock in the morning" I quickly replied "Ok mam a bit more to do" "Shes very impressed with how hard you worked". "Yes I'm tired going for a lie down Mam". “Ok Steve” I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes. I couldn't get what h… Lees meer

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Your Ass is Mine Pegged

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The best way to explain my relationship I have with my wife is to explain how I became a slave to my wife. My wife is 5'2 and 115 pounds and has a nice curvy figure. Basically she looks damn it`s very HOT . I am 6' and 185 with an athletic swimmers build. Not to sound conceded, but I consider myself fairly nice looking man. My wife and I married when I was 21 and she was 19, everyone said we were to young but we're in love and we're both ready. It is now been 10 years since we married and are still very happy with each other. But our marriage hasn't always been bliss. About 4 years into our marriage, t… Lees meer

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This is a continuation of my story and Jan the older church going friend. Two weeks went by after sending the pictures I had taken of Jan for her to send on to her friends in the chat room. I had looked at the pictures several times, and I was aroused, and jerked of to them twice. The memory of her body stuck in my mind, and although she was not my type, there was something about her that made me wonder what she would be like to fuck. She was extremely naive with sex ,and to me, thought would not know much at all and would more than likely be a dead fish. Jan rang 2 weeks later and while cha… Lees meer

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There's a new fitness gym that just ope ed. It's called Orangetheory. It's right next to a hardware store I'm always going to. After I finnish in the hardware I'll sit in the car and watch the girls coming out and in to the gym. I learned when one class ends and the next starts. After watching for a few days I decided to go to their free 4 classes. From watching for the passed two weeks I know their all house wives probably there just after dropping the k**s off. Not a man in site which ended up being a conversation opener for me. After the class everyone hangs out for a few minutes and talks.… Lees meer

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Took Mary to a gloryhole

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Mary (my girlfriend’s younger sister from previous story) was thinking about moving back to the area and so had scheduled a couple job interviews in town, so she stayed with my girlfriend and I for a week. I work from home two days a week and those are the days I get most of my porn watching in. I was slightly annoyed that Mary being at the house put that at risk, but since I had fucked her before (but in no way was going to make the first move because of my previous embarrassment!) I decided to watch anyway in the hopes it could lead to something. I was in my office when she woke up and c… Lees meer

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My BWW Granny pick up

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I was 22 and tried college but was not for me, but I was making pretty good bucks as a laborer on a construction crew. I was still living at home, and it was putting a crimp on my lifestyle, but I wasn't letting it destroy it completely. I was saving my money for a place of my own and a better car, plus my parents were pleased that I was paying them rent. I went out to a local bar on Friday night to get out and see if I couldn't meet someone. It was your typical mix of people, and I spent a good part of the night striking out. It seems that I have the curse of the short guy – 5’6” just doesn… Lees meer

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Plight of the Weak

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“Fish,” some random inmate yelled as I was escorted down what I came to know was the catwalk. My name is Blaze Weiss. I’m 24 years old now. When I was first sentenced for stalking by Internet and text message, I was only 18. I didn’t grow up rich so I had some shit public defender that probably graduated from a no name YMCA law school handling my case. I got five years. I kept telling him that I wasn’t stalking her. We were just friends and I was trying to be nice. Plus, her boyfriend was cheating on her and treating her like crap. I wanted to save her. I explained to my lawyer that she led… Lees meer

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island weekend

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URNotAlone Accessibility Options Skip to navigation Skip to content Account Purchase Subcription Subscription Logon 21 6 test URNotAlone Primary Navigation Home [Post New Entry] Journal Entries for Diedre Leslie night in block island [edit | delete] January 25th, 2011 10:08 am EST i just had a dream,it felt so real.i was invited to a girls birthday party on block island.when i got there we started to drink and party heavly.i must have blacked out,because the next thing i remember was waking in up in the girls bedroom that owned the house.there were 4 girls in the bedroom loo… Lees meer

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The first time I fucked my mother in-law

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As you can see from my pictures and videos, my mother in-law is very sexy. She is 60 years old, 5’4”, 34DD tits, fat ass and a tight body. Every time I see her I just want to bend her over, rip down her tights and fuck her hairy wet pussy until she cums over and over again. This story is about the first time I fucked my mother in-law. My wife and I, both 34, recently sold our house and while we waited for our new house to be built, moved in with her mom. My wife is 5’6” with a similar body to her mother. She has big 38DD tits with a fat ass, shaved wet pussy and tight thick body. I have alway… Lees meer

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Kays first time shared

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I have been asked many times how sharing my wife Kay all started so I thought I would share this with all those interested. I am not a professional writer so please be understanding. Kay is five feet five inches tall and one hundred and 140 pounds. She has an hour glass figure, great ass and 42 D breasts. She has a beautiful face and long dark hair that hangs to her waist; she is a very cheerful and happy person with a great sense of humor and personality. The first time Kay was shared she was 21 and that was about 33 years ago. It was out of love and caring, trying to help a great friend who… Lees meer

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Divorce or Cuckold Your Choice

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My story goes back about 10 years, when at the time I was married to my wife Barbara for about 8 years. We were post high school sweethearts, dated for 4 years and then got married. We always clicked, had many of the same interests and were both young and inexperienced sexually. We did not have intercourse until our wedding night (actually a few nights later due to her time of the month) and enjoyed a very happy and robust sexual honeymoon. As I think back, our sex life post honeymoon was never crazy, just kind of run of the mill, maybe once or twice a week. Over the years it continued to drop… Lees meer

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Evas introduction...

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It was her first time meeting me. We had been speaking online for some time and i had spent most of it psycologically preparing her and encouraging her. This was what we both wanted.. but more than anything, it is what she NEEDED. It had been a long time coming, and after some very some very carefully worded emails, i finally convinced her to make the long journey to my place. She arrived 2 hours later. The entire journey she was texting me nervously, asking for reassurance that she was doing the right thing.. to which i would always reply "yes, my curious little sissy". I left the door on… Lees meer

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Mom friend my first

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Late in my youth my parents had to leave for europe. They didnt want me to be alone for a month. We had a family friend that lived a few houses away from us. My parents asked if i can stay with her when they were gone. I knew her since i was small. An older divorced woman. She was a bigger woman. Wore glasses. With big breasts but well dressed. I had always loved how she dressed. Always in stockings and high heels and some kind of necklace hanging down into her cleavage. In my first year of university. I was a shy chubby young man. Never had a a woman before. Too shy to even try. That friday… Lees meer

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A New Taste Part 13 (For Lily)

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In the morning we sat on high stools in Harrison’s kitchen, quietly eating cereal. Both of us were pretty tired from or exertions. Cereal was pretty much all the food we had because we were spending so much time on other activities we had neglected shopping. I was enjoying the nutritious benefit of his sperm supplement at twice a day but I was losing my own at the same rate. Swings and roundabouts. “What do you want to do today?” He said. “Well we need to get some food or my balls are going to shrivel up!” I replied.  He smiled and said “Well, we must look after your balls… Is the… Lees meer

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Marie's First D/P

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It was just a regular meet with Eric ( Mr. Thick)as he comes through on business every so often , Eric is our young friend whom we meet up with at times to play with and share my wife with , Marie my wife enjoys the fact that he has stamina is good looking and has a thick cock which fills her up nicely and makes her squirt. This time we had arranged to meet at it`s very HOT el in our downtown area since Eric was staying nearby but there were no rooms available in his it`s very HOT el , I got off work early that day and checked us in Marie was still working and would be joining me as soon as she got off I was in the… Lees meer

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My first BBC experience May 2018

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I was at home fully dressed and looking at my Fabguys page on internet to see if I could get a guy to come to my house to fuck me. It was around 6pm and a white guy messaged me to see if I was free in the next half hour or so. Obviously I told him “yes” and sure enough he arrived . i took him to my married bed (my wife was away he he) and to cut a long story short he fucked me hard for about five minutes before cummin deep inside me , although he had a condom on as I always insist on safe sex!! he didn’t say anything and just got up and left. i was still feeling horny and to my suprise I had a… Lees meer

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Mrs Wilkinson Pt 2

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Mrs Wilkinson took me by the hand, led me indoors and sat me down upon the settee. She poured us each a glass of wine and then placed her arm around me. "Are you a virgin? Have you had sex yet" she asked. "What" I stuttered back. "Have you had a fuck yet !" She said matter of factly. I explained about my aborted couple of tries and she smiled and said "I think its time for you to learn. Would you like me to teach you?". I went ridged and said "I think Mrs Wilkinson I should leave". "Dont be silly and its Hazel OK!" She brought her hand onto my crotch. "I can feel you really really don't wa… Lees meer

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