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Birthday party: surprising gifts-1

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I am much happier for last 2-3 months as I have got company of my son Rohan and we both have enjoyed physical relationship frequently but our blood relations as well as limits have been put on as our illicit relationship develops ,we never looked back as it’s a nice feeling of son’s cock in your hand or inside vagina,I know guys or gals,men or women will think me just like a paid… Lees meer

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Experiments With Exhibition – Part 1

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Then eventually we found a lonely fruit seller sitting near the road by a fruit bagh. He looked to be 22-23 years old boy, looking at his small beard and c***dish appearance. He was a Bihari. He stood up as we were stopping the car near him. He had a variety of fruits like orange, apple, bananas, pineapple and others. So the ground was ready for us to play. Firstly, I asked him about the p… Lees meer

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Experiments With Exhibition – Part 2

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I was trying my experiment of exhibiting my body to a fruit seller. After spending some time there, on the road with him, he was close to me. His facing was touching my lips and he was lying on my nude body. He was awestruck at that moment. I also behaved shocked at that moment. Suddenly another idea struck my mind. He stood up and tried to explain to me that it happened accidentally. I w… Lees meer

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2 HOURS long groping

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I had many interesting groping situations. You could see some of them on my videos. However, there is one the most unbelievable and successful in terms of both groping and recording. I was planning a trip by train to another city. I was going alone. Of course, I wanted to spend this time with benefits. As much as 3 hours on the road! But what are my chances? They are simply negligible. No crowd, I cannot change the place. Plus, it's scary. If something goes wrong, I won't be able to get out of the train. In general, the only thing that I could influence was the choice of location when booking… Lees meer

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First Vibrator WOW

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Right! I have finally done it! I have ordered my first vibrator. I was so extremely nervous when the package arrived at the office in a non-descript brown cardboard box. While signing for it I was blushing so hard that the delivery guy probably thought I was having a stroke! For most of the day the box sat there on my desk, and I was sure that everyone had suddenly developed x-ray vision and could see exactly what was inside the plain packaging. When the day was finally over I grabbed it and practically ran to my parking space. Once safely ensconced in my car I finally started to relax. I… Lees meer

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Venice Revisited Part 2

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It was a mix of feeling just after my orgasm face which I hope is never caught on film. First the joy of my husband’s cream covered cock taking its last few strokes, the cream provided by me. But then second our closest friends surprised by such a sight, again I hope it wasn’t my orgasm face that sent them running. Now with the act done the three of us left catch our breath. A followed jammed packed shower but believe it or not no complaints were verbalized. The third surprise of the evening was when our paid guest spent the night with us, be it the way there or the sizable tip my husband g… Lees meer

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More of Hellen

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The next day I was out and about when I saw my neighbour Jim, from a few doors away, ahead of me and soon realised he was following a mum pushing a buggy. She had a good pair of legs, no tights and a nice arse. I walked behind him for a while watching the show and then took the bull by the horns and caught up with him and said “nice arse”. Caught unawares he tried to deny he was looking but I started chatting to him and it ended up us both agreeing she was well worth a wank. We carried on following and chatting and both agreed we’d got a good hard on watching and would probably relieve ourselv… Lees meer

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At work

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This happened about 9 years ago whilst working a night shift in a busy factory. At the time I was an area lead. It was my responsibility to ensure the smooth running of our particular area. On the night of my story , my area scheduled to be cleaned. 90% of the cleaning was done by my team of 15, however we needed the the assistance of an outside contract cleaning firm for the heavy cleaning. The same company was used factory wide everytime heavy cleaning was needed and we all knew the crew who came in to help us. The lead of the crew happened to be the company owners daughter, who I will… Lees meer

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The Stepsister - Part 2

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~~Part 2~~ As we laid there on the bed savoring the sexual expression, we had just shown each other and talking about how much we had both dreamed about each other in the past, she looked over at me and asked me if I wanted to continue? This time there was no hesitation in my response, I told her yes, I would like to experience anything she would like to share with me. She looked at me and said I would like to make love to you…I tried my best to keep the excitement in me controlled, but I am pretty sure she knew my answer bef… Lees meer

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My son`s black sexy friend

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I am a 46 year-old mother of teenage boy. I am 5’1” tall, with curly black hair, brown eyes and I pretty thick. I am 46GG with large areolas and large nipples. My husband is a oil engineer who contracts with several large companies and is away from home from time to time. We have with years got an average sex life and I have had only a few men before I met my husband. My husband was leaving on a trip to Colorado during holidays to meet some friends, he ask if me and my son would come too, but our son was a high school senior on the varsity football team and did not want to miss his last homeco… Lees meer

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My whole world Changed Cuckold

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My whole world changed one Saturday night. When I woke up that morning, it appeared to be typical, but little did I know I'd be in for the experience of my lifetime that same night. ****** A little backstory. My wife, Alyssa, was a very it`s very HOT wife, but she dressed very conservatively. She had 34D tits, but never wore shirts that showed off even the tiniest peek of her cleavage. I continued to push her to show herself off more, but up until recently, she'd mostly ignored me. I'd long been mentioning the idea of cuckolding me, but my wife was very reluctant of the idea. She had the typical res… Lees meer

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First time sharing Anna

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I had been with my Girlfriend a few months when I started to talk to her about fantasies while we were playing with each other. Asking her what her fantasies were and telling her mine, taking time to slowly build up to more and more naughty ideas. I particularly liked asking her which of these dirty ideas she would do and was pleasantly surprised when the answer always seemed to come back yes. At this point it was just dirty talk but it was still so exciting! One day while quite excited I said I loved the idea of watching someone else shag her. Happily she barely reacted and asked what I liked… Lees meer

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A boy named Stacy (my best friend)

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I grew up with a k** named Stacy. He always was bullied and picked on cause of his name. He was a good friend of mine, as we entered middle school. He was my best friend. He was only 5’ 4” and he had a weird build. He was skinny from the waist up, but he had hips and ass . The other guys use to call him “ bitch hips “ it really was the perfect name for him as he was built like a girl. I took care of him though and fought his battles. If anyone would of took the time to get to know him, they would have seen what I seen. A true friend. Once we got to high school nothing changed. Bitch hips sti… Lees meer

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You're going to be my pet

BDSMEerste keerRijpe

How did she end up here, on all fours, in her good black dress, collared, leashed and plugged, at his feet, his new crop swatting her stinging ass? Was it curiosity? Lust? Her desire for submission? All three? It confused and excited her. For weeks he’d been saying to her I’m going to own you, make you my pet…collar you and make you crawl around on a leash…give you treats and make you beg for more but she just laughed it off. She’d never do that for him, she thought. So it started, as most things do, as a game, a challenge: Just put it on, see how it feels, he said. And when she first put the… Lees meer

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Your Ass is Mine Pegged and More!

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I was a divorced bi 54 year old white guy and shortly after my divorce I met Julie. She was in her mid-forties, blonde, petite with still perky breasts. She worked out regularly and was in fine shape. Like me she was divorced. We had dated for several months and I was having dinner at her house. The wine flowed freely throughout the meal and we were a bit tipsy. I helped her with the dishes and as soon as that was done, we fell into each other's arms and soon adjourned to the bedroom. Our clothes came off in a heartbeat and I began to run my hands all over her body while we kissed. My lips s… Lees meer

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House Guest gets Benefits

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We have a large house that has four unoccupied bedrooms. Since our house has been empty except for us, we have at times decided to use a private rental site to make a little extra income. Each of the rental rooms is fully furnished. Our guests have access to a full bathroom in the hallway, use of the kitchen, and living areas. We have an electronic lock on our front door that allows us to program an individual code for each visitor so they can come and go with ease at any time. So far, the rentals have worked very efficient… Lees meer

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Turned Bi or Gay?

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I had almost fallen asleep when, to my horror, I felt Max snuggle close to me, put his arms around me. Was he asleep? I couldn't tell. He moved even closer, and I could feel his cock against my ass, and it was semi-hard. Shit! What was I going to do? Max was my boss, Area Sales Manager for the corporation that owned the sporting goods store I managed in Ohio. He was a big guy, a body builder type, and an ex-wrestler. He had made the arrangements for this Wisconsin sales meeting, which is why I was in a king size bed with him. He had picked me to room with him. Earlier, he'd paid for my dinner… Lees meer

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Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 6

TaboeEerste keerHardcore

There I was, on all fours, my butt in the air with a butt plug deep inside and making me feel so full. My face was between Mrs. Perkins’ thighs and I was lapping at her very wet folds like a kitten needing its mother’s milk. I was feeling very content, yet I still wondered who was behind me at that moment? Who’s fingers were on me, inside of me, holding the butt plug for me as I pushed onto it. Was it someone I knew, like Linda, Mrs. Perkins’ step daughter? If so, that would be so humiliating! Was it Mr. Perkins? That would be even MORE embarrassing! Was it another woman who I didn’t even know… Lees meer

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First Time You're a Lesbian Now!

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I was 35 before I had sex with another woman. I admit having thought about it; I think most girls do. I had masturbated to pictures of women in my brother's Playboys, but never saw myself actually having lesbian sex. I liked boys. Or thought I did. My first boyfriend, Jock, owned a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and I think I was more in love with that bike than Jock. I rode everywhere with him on the back of it, but would never take the controls. I didn't want to look like a dyke. Anyway, I married Jock and we had a couple of good years before he tried passing a semi on a two-lane blacktop and… Lees meer

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My First Time

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NOTE: This ones kinda long and slow...giggity. It's Fair season here in the States and I was at one of my local County Fair's a couple weeks ago. While there some heavy rain moved in and we had to take cover in one of the Horse Barns. The weather happened to move in at the end of one of the Horse judging's, so there were a number of guys and girls in the barn still in their Western Riding attire. While trying to avoid staring at the teen girls in their stupidly tight jeans, I kept seeing this one girl who was 18 or 19. She was a bit...well she had an ass, let's put it that way. She wasn't f… Lees meer

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