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Black Guy & Indian Wife 1

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"Seat number 50...seat number 50..." Mira mumbled as she walked through the narrow passage in the train compartment. "Aaahhh...seat number 50..." She said triumphantly as she found her seat but was a little disappointed seeing another man sitting on it. The middle aged man looked up to her and was a little startled to see a young woman giving him a nasty look. He realised that he was in her seat as she waved my ticket in his face. Grudgingly, yet lazily he stood up and walked away. She continued staring at him till he walked out of sight. She threw her backpack on the berth and made hers… Read more

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Black Guy & Indian Wife 2

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She saw him slowly unbuttoning his shirt, button after button set lose, giving a peak of the beautiful body that hid beneath; something she had seen just recently at the beach. She couldn't believe that it took so little time for her to be seduced and she was confused as to if she was easy or he was the master seducer, the ultimate manipulator. The shirt was off in a few moments and was lying on the floor. She gasped she saw those chiselled pectoral muscles, that prominent set of abs and the strong shoulders from so close. What made her gasp louder was that he was unbuttoning his shorts too… Read more

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The Sponsor Part 3

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The Sponsor Part 3 "Why don't you two beauties go take a dip in the pool and cool off" offered Bill.        Ann and Babbs slowly got up and walked nude toward the pool. They were worn out from the romp they had just had with Bill. For his part Bill sat in his chair and watched as the two women wiggled their asses out the door. All he could think of is how lucky he was. At 39 Ann was in great shape. She had learned over the years how to please and tease men. She was a great entertainer and when it came to the bedroom Olympics she was an all around gold medalist… Read more

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Blessing of the Saint

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Associate professor Cassandra Marsh stomped into her office, tossed a plastic folder of notes on to her desk and groaned in annoyance. She had just (finally) gotten rid of an insufferably persistent gentleman by acquiescing to his request for a date. Cassandra, or Cassie, as those she was closest to called her, sat down in the comfy leather chair that had been an office-warming gift from her grandfather and turned her eyes to the ceiling as she mulled over the prospective night ahead. Not to mention the thousands of unwritten dating 'rules' that she could make neither hide nor hair of. Cassie… Read more

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Bear & Swan

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At this point Barrett was disconnected everything. The last thing he could remember was sitting at the bar and a hand from behind him touching his shoulder. Before he could comprehend the scene before him, a rush of panic fell through him. Then an internal force pushed him forward. He found himself sprinting through the tavern door, but he felt like he was being carried by a powerful current and everything around him was roaring past him. As he continued rushing forward, he noticed that he could not feel the mechanics of his body and now was moving through the woods behind the tavern. He fel… Read more

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about Fatima....

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It was Friday night. Fatima´s life was a mess and she knew it. She had lost her job and because of bureaucracy, she can NOT get a meeting about getting welfare before Thursday. She was behind with everything; her phone has already gone dead and she is also behind with the rent. Talking to her relatives is out of the question. They don´t have any contact any more, due to her wild past. It was one small pit`s very HOT o-shoot where all she did was take her clothes off and pose a little. Several of her friends had done the same, but they did not have her ethnic background. There was a loud knock on the fro… Read more

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From An Engineering Student To A ‘Whore’

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I come from a higher middle class family. Both of my parents work for IT firms in Delhi. Since they both are engineers, they wanted me to become one too. My parents have done a wonderful job of raising me. They have always gone out of the way to fulfill my dreams. So when I asked to study my engineering from Mumbai, they happily agreed and there I was, a young 19 years old girl out in the city of Mumbai with all the freedom in the world to savour. About my body, I’m a 5.11” tall girl with a very fair complexion, with… Read more

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Banged In Police Station

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My husband never allows me to drive his new Honda Jazz fearing that I may damage it. This May, he was out of station for a conference, and I decided to take it out for a movie with friends. Since there was no parking space inside the multiplex, I decided to park it outside, as we were getting late. After the movie was over, and my friend left for her home, I was shocked to find my car missing from the scene. I was afraid that how my husband is going to react when he finds out. The helpful shopkeepers told me that the poli… Read more

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Blackmailed And Got Laid By it`s very HOT el men-1

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I work as an IT employee in Bangalore. I am a it`s very HOT busty girl and everyone stare at my curves and my boyfriend loves it a lot. My structure is 36C-32-36. He always says that I have a great figure and I am it`s very HOT ter than his Australian classmates. He studies in Australia and his name is Raj. Coming on to the story, I was getting ready for my office combing my hair and checking out my boobs. It was hanging and big as usual. Although I don… Read more

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When I was only nineteen I was lucky enough to be stationed near Tokyo with the military. My first attempt to get some local “pussy” had met with failure with me getting fucked out of forty bucks and no fuck just a titty feel. The next attempt I took no chances going with a guy who was due to return to the states shortly who knew Japanese Girls well and spoke “nipponese, like a native. We caught the train at Tachikawa station and rode it to Shingikhu a suburb of Tokyo. The first bar we stopped at was nothing like the Americanised bars nearer base with only about six “hostesses/waitresses” in a… Read more

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Finding out that I am a bottom

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Discovering the joy of being the bottom I was a young man. 20 years old. I had started to lose weight from exercising and eating better. I was fat most of my life I felt great being slimmer. At the time I was trying to get confident enough to wear tank tops outside. I was still in denial about my love of gay sex. I had been with 3 guys by this point but had not yet had any anal play. I was very turned on watching anal porn. I kept wondering how it feels to be fucked in my butthole. It had to be enjoyable. I seen porn where the person getting it up the ass seemed to really like it. I had to t… Read more

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Hurricane Evacuees

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According to the weatherman, the hurricane was set to make landfall within the next 36 hours. Thankfully, roommates and best friends, Fabrici Mora and Gabriel Valverde, had evacuated the coastal city they now called home. Both of the young men were of Costa Rican heritage and grew up in New York. After finishing their studies to become dental hygienist at Hostos Community College, they decided to move south. They settled on the popular resort that hosted two events which they loved - Black Cycle Week and the NFL’s HBCU Showcase. Each brought an enormous amount of men into the area. Plus, the b… Read more

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My first undressing on camera - led to first taste

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My boyfriend has had some lucky sit`s very HOT s with his camera a few times before lifting the blanket when I slept but this is the first time I took my clothes off knowing that a camera was rolling. It ended up with us making our first sex video together. I was so shy and uncomfortable about him wanting to film me without clothes but also turning me on in a strange way. The attention was great and also how into it he got, I tried to chicken out and pleading my case b… Read more

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After Marvin left Veronika got in front with me her dress open nipples hard and swollen from Marvin sucking on them, I could see cum on her chin and thighs and asked her how she likes black cock, just smiled and said come on Friday. Marvin called again Monday evening told Veronika he wants to see her needs his dick sucked, she said meet her at Regency Mall in an houŕ, told me she was going to meet Marvin and give him a blow job did I want to go watch, said I'll drive. We had discussed Friday night at length and decided she wants black cocks. When we got to mall saw his car and he had 2 friends… Read more

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After moving from Cleveland area to Jacksonville Florida we continued to swing, at first just 3 somes and 4 somes with men we met in clubs at Mayport. Then I I saw an ad in a swingers paper for a swingers directory, $20.00 to join for a year, when we placed our ad we checked off couples,single males,all races, groups, bi's, lesbian and other kinky thing's. We waited to receive our first issue and it finally came after a few week's. We eagerly went thru it looking for contacts in the area, we saw several and started making calls only to find out the numbers were disconnected or out of service.… Read more

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Granny on Holiday in Spain

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Sue had been on holiday for four or five days - the youngsters on the beach were very friendly to this naked older women walking about – Meany of the boys loved it and Sue was getting use to a boy her grandsons age giving her big tits a good morning group and the braver one’s having a feel of her cunt --mind you the odd girl enjoyed a quick grope too. Walking to the spot where they normally sun bathed this cheeky young sod asked – Sue can you put on some sun lotion I’m getting burnt - Sue feeling sorry for the lad applied lotion on he’s back when he was covered he turned over – shit the… Read more

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The solution is at the adult theater

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I had been home alone for five days and that had been enough for me. Victor was away from town and my pussy was tingling due lack of attention. I needed a good hard cock there. I could not stand it anymore playing with just my naughty fingers… I was really horny. So, I wore a pair of sexy six inches fuck me pumps, an opaque black body stocking with a black ultra mini skirt and a sexy corset. My girlfriend Helena had told me about a local adult theater; where men just would go to get a good pussy. I decided there I could fix my little trouble… A tall guy followed me into the theater and sa… Read more

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Ana goes black again and again

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Ana had suggested me going out for some drinks that evening; but I was detained at my office at the last minute with some extra work. Then I called my sweet wife and told her to go ahead and have a good time. I would join her as soon as possible. When I arrived at the bar, the place was really crowded. I checked out the lounge and I finally could see Anita there. My sexy wife was sitting in a corner, surrounded by black men… I walked over and Ana introduced me to her new friends, Ron and the twins Samuel and Logan. All three guys were really huge men; very tall and fit. When the band s… Read more

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I have posted several stories about mom, thought I would jump in with how it affected me when I got married, following is a recount of first few years married In 1975 we had been married 3 year's, I was 24 she was 21 and had lost her virginity 2 weeks before we started dating. I found out quick that she liked to wear mini skirts,heels and semi sheer tops with french bras, at the time she was 5'9",36dd,24,32,dark blonde with blue eyes and she liked to show off when we drove skirt up high, blouse open. I also found early in our relationship that she had sucked guys off on dates in high school… Read more

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First wife two

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Subject: Shareing Wife 2 After moving from Cleveland area to Jacksonville Florida we continued to swing, at first just 3 somes and 4 somes with men we met in clubs at Mayport. Then I I saw an ad in a swingers paper for a swingers directory, $20.00 to join for a year, when we placed our ad we checked off couples,single males,all races, groups, bi's, lesbian and other kinky thing's. We waited to receive our first issue and it finally came after a few week's. We eagerly went thru it looking for contacts in the area, we saw several and started making calls only to find out the numbers were discon… Read more

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