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It caught my attention from across the empty locker room. I was sitting on the bench tying my shoes when I looked up for a split second and saw it. I could not believe how big it was. Long, thick, and black, it hung down low against his thigh. Fully flaccid, it was definitely bigger than I was when hard. I couldn't help but stare. This guy literally had a big black dick. Stereotypes must come from somewhere, I thought to myself. My eyes traced up and down his oversized dick and massive balls in disbelief. My mind raced, bouncing from thought to thought with rapid succession. From flash… Lees meer

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My BBC Adventure

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I have to say, having sex with a black man was not something that I had thought about or was on my it`s very HOT Wife bucket list, although I know that is a big thing for some it`s very HOT Wives and couples. Anyway, it was springtime and I had 1 boyfriend at the time and he was out of town a lot, so I was on the look out for a new boyfriend. This was around the time that hubby was telling me I needed to go younger in my search for a new boyfriend, to at least have a larger pool of guys I was physically attracted to. So, with a bit more of an open mind I started chatted with a fellow online. His profile said he wa… Lees meer

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Do you suck cock? Sorry, I'm straight

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I went through my mid-life crisis recently, but instead of buying a Porsche or a 800 inch flat screen TV or fucking my twenty-two year old secretary (although it was tempting) Instead I decided to get back in shape. I was an athlete in high school and college, but in my thirties work, family and neglect have added a few more pounds than I was proud to admit. So now in my early forties, I bought a year membership at a fitness club, knowing I was way too cheap not to use it if I paid for it. I went after work a few times the first week but it was way too busy and by the time I got home it was a… Lees meer

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More than he barganed for

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Dave and Sarah were in there mid 30's. After a couple k**s they were starting to get there sex life back. Dave had suggested that a fantasy of his was to have a threesome. Sarah told him that she would be more comfortable trying it with another guy first. Dave was reluctant but agreed. Sarah also wanted rules in place. No one to go down on her but Dave so she would stay safe. Condoms would also be a must for safety and prevention. Dave completely agreed. They finally got a night out together. Dave had arranged a it`s very HOT el so they could spend a night without k**s. They ventured out to a bar not fa… Lees meer

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Alexandra Daddario Goes Black

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For thewolf2006 “God damn it! I hate being so horny all the time! Maybe I shouldn’t have broken up with Myer! But he wanted things I couldn’t give him!” Alex thought to herself. She hated being called Alexandra. It sounded so stuck up and so prissy. The first words out of her mouth when she met new people was almost always, “Just call me Alex.” Alex was currently living alone. Her previous live-in was Myer and he was gone now. So on top of being what seemed perpetually horny, she was in the lookout for a female roommate. Women seemed to last longer in that regard. Unfortunately, Alex was a… Lees meer

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Pleasing my Boss and her clients

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I suddenly opened my eyes and looked around the penthouse. Then I thought about the last two hours I had been there. My Boss Barbara was naked as I was and both of us had a huge black cock buried deeply in our assholes. My Boss was screaming wild in pleasure; but I was feeling that thick cock was hurting me… The black man pumping my anus was in his mid forties; but his hair was turning grey. He was a handsome man and he had a very nice hard cock. I felt him very deep in my poor anus. I cried and screamed in pain; but he kept sodomizing me with hard strokes… Suddenly he came inside of my asshol… Lees meer

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Black cocks at the penthouse

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I was driving to a meeting with Barbara, my Boss at the office. She had asked me to meet her at a nice it`s very HOT el downtown for dinner. But I knew the bitch was looking for something more. A couple times Barbara and I had been entangled in some kissing and licking action; but we had never met before in a it`s very HOT el room… I thought that if I was nice to Barbara, it would help me in my job. Once at the it`s very HOT el, I was told to go to the penthouse. I knocked at the door and a tall huge black man opened it and let me in. Barbara was already there and she approached to greet me with a sweet kiss. Then she pointe… Lees meer

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Cheating wife on surveillance camera

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I had installed a surveillance system in our house and in Ana’s car because I was suspecting that my sweet little wife was cheating on me. Worst of all; I was sure her brand new black lover was the same gym trainer she had introduced me a couple months ago; when I picked up Ana at the gym. The system kept a recorder on my phone line which allowed me to get into place anytime they had a meeting outside of the house, but my lovely slut wife seemed to prefer having him at our own bed... Their escapades were pure wild lustful sex. No love at all, her black lover just fucked her brutally, without… Lees meer

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Wife gets hole in one while I’m away playing golf.

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Well this is a true story about my wife getting carried away with teasing me and getting fucked by a bbc while I was away on a golf trip with my buddies. I had had played a long 27 holes with the guys on a annual golf trip with all my c***dhood friends. Drinks on the course after and during dinner had me buzzed and ready to talk to my it`s very HOT wife. We had a great sex life and being away now for 4 days had her as horney as me. Plus she had gone out with some of her single friends and had a buzz as well as it was Friday and she was alone. Normally I would have texted good night and had a few more… Lees meer

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Stuck in a fine it`s very HOT el room

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Ana and I were coming back home after a quick vacation escapade to Barbados. We did get the last two seats at the back of the plane. I sat on the aisle seat while my sensual wife sat in the middle next to a black man. My sweet wife told me she was tired after being so naughty during the last night at Barbados. She had picked up a couple of well hung black guys and they had taken her to their it`s very HOT el room. I had waited for her all night long; but she finally showed up with the first rays of the sun. She told me she was not done; although those black guys had fucked her three holes. Ana passed o… Lees meer

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My wife and the black painters at home

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Saturday morning I was reading the newspaper at home after having breakfast. Ana showed up; she kissed me and said we needed to go buy paint for the painting job at the living room. Then she made a phone call and lined up for a couple of painters to come over and start the job on Monday. Suddenly I felt getting a little aroused. I grabbed my wife’s boobs from behind and kissed the soft skin at her neck. She twisted her sexy body and pushed my hands off of her sweet tits… Ana laughed and told me she was saving her good thing for the black painters coming on Monday. Then she asked me if I was g… Lees meer

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My wife keeps cheating on me

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That Friday night Ana asked me to go dancing to a new disco. Once there, after finishing the first round of drinks, my sweet wife said she wanted to look around the club. I nodded a yes; but told her I would go for another drink as she checked the place. I watched as she walked away. Ana disappeared from my view a short while. Then I found her near the bar with a new black friend. They were engaged in a conversation that appeared to be him giving her some sort of instructions as she shook her head… The bartender brought them two sit`s very HOT s of tequila. Then the black guy leant over my wife and put h… Lees meer

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Tobago: nice sunny beaches and much more

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Winter was very cold at New York; then my loving wife asked me if we could have a quick escapade to some place at the Caribbean. I thought Ana getting out on a sunny beach would be good for her. Then I knew my sensual wife would have the chance of being well used by some local black men there. The thought excited me… The trip to Tobago was right in time; with very nice weather. We got to a nice resort; where our room overlooked the ocean. Tourists were sun tanning on the beach or the it`s very HOT el pool. White wives were exposing their nice boobs and they were being rubbed down with suntan oil by mos… Lees meer

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My wife is a stripper for blacks

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Thursday afternoon I received a call from my sweet Ana. She was having some hard workout at the gym and she admitted she was absolutely horny. Then she asked me if I would mind her trying to be well fucked by a new black trainer. The guy was handsome and Ana was getting wet just at watching his hard muscled body… I laughed and told her that I had a better plan on her fucking some black cocks that night after dinner. Ana relaxed and told me she would wait for me at home. I told her she should be ready to go out and I begged her to dress sexy… When I got home, Ana was still naked, waiting for me… Lees meer

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Anita and a new black client

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Ana told me her plans for the week end. She would not meet her three young black lovers, because they would be all going out with their sweet girlfriends. But then my sexy wife told me she would meet a new black client that had been recommended to her care by her Boss at the firm. Ana made me laugh when she said she needed a cheerleader outfit because it was a special request by that client for her to wear… I asked her if she could set up her phone cam again; so I could watch her during the meeting with that black man. Anita agreed… But she warned me I should not fuck her during the next days… Lees meer

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My sexy wife posing as Bat Girl

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Ana got home that late night after fucking a new client and future partner of the firm she worked for. Her Boss had asked her… She had enjoyed several hours in a king size bed of a luxury it`s very HOT el downtown and I had enjoyed watching her being wild and hard fucked through the cam of her cell phone… But my sexy wife brought me a surprise when she came back home. She was not alone. Her Black Master had gone to pick her up at that it`s very HOT el and she had brought her home. Jerome smiled at me when he saw my surprised face and he said he only wanted to fuck Ana’s asshole; because that stupid nigger client ha… Lees meer

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Ana gives up her tight rosebud

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I was at work that afternoon, when Jerome, my wife’s black lover, called me. He said that one of his friends was the owner of a strip club downtown. On Thursday nights they had kind of amateur pole dancing show. And the bastard was proposing me to get Anita there to have fun. Of course it was a black club; but Jerome laughed and added that a lot of married white wives went there just for dancing and stripping off on stage in front of black men. Then Anita called me on a video call. I saw she was naked at our bed and she was playing with her favorite black dildo. I told her I was talking with… Lees meer

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Watching Ana through the cell phone

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I came home Friday evening after a wild day at my office. I needed a good relaxing moment and a good fucking session with Anita… But after dinner, at bed, she kissed me and admitted her cunt was very sore after fucking three black men during the afternoon. I asked her to fuck her tight asshole; but Anita smiled with an evil grin, saying that her rosebud was not so tight right now… But she finally let me to eat her well used and abused pussy. She was right for sure; I saw her rear entrance was really stretched. Soon Anita moaned and came screaming like a real bitch in heat… Saturday evening I… Lees meer

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An unknown black lover for Ana

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It just got dark that Friday night. My sexy wife was getting ready for a date with a black lover; but the bitch did not want to tell me who was the lucky bastard who would enjoy fucking her sexy body all night long… She laughed at me saying I was such a impatient guy. I looked outside the front window as a car pulled into our driveway. I could not see who the driver was. Ana got inside the white car and she waved to me as her unknown lover drove away. I would smell her used pussy when she got back home. I knew perfectly the smell when a black cock left its musky scent in a cunt. The new black… Lees meer

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A couple guys in my backyard

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That sunny Sunday my loving hubby had invited some colleagues from his office. We had spent a very nice day at the back yard; enjoying a delicious barbecue with red wine and some beers. After dessert and coffee in the early afternoon; Victor and his mates decided to go for a game at the golf club. All they agreed and soon they left. I made the dishes and later I went outside again, to enjoy the sun over my body. I stripped down to just my bikini bottom and stretched out in one of the lawn chairs. The warm sun felt good on my almost naked body and soon I passed out. When I woke up, two of my… Lees meer

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