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Trans-Atlantic Fucking - A true story

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This is a true story and it happened quite a few years ago. I can't remember the lady's name for real and so for the purpose of this true story I am calling the lady Barbara. I had been sent to America by my company to help fix a technical problem on some equipment. I was put up in a very decent it`s very HOT el and spent many evenings on my own and eating alone. During one evening (a Thursday I believe) I wandered down to the bar as I was bored. At a table in the middle of the room were a group of middle aged American ladies drinking and playing Quarters. I had never heard of the game before so asked… Lees meer

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A story about him, me and a girl...

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This was written by him about me and another girl and posted by him on a swingers website in their forum. It was an encounter we had with a girl earlier this year. We have had loads of FFM and FFFM since and i love it. He is my boy fo'life and we love each other immensely. The filthy fuckers we are !! Yi y'all Just thought i'd share an encounter we had the other week. I have known my mate, Lisa, for 4 years now. We are truly best mates and both divorced. She's a little older than me at 49 and absolutely it`s very HOT as hell. Size 6, pert bum and 34C tits, nipples like Scammel wheel nuts, body of a 20… Lees meer

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5 Star Luxury Cruise Part II

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Unfortunately it turned out Sandra had a terrible sense of direction and distracted as I was by the thought of what had just happened and the spunk running down my cheeks, cooling quickly as it did, I never noticed until we'd wandered quite a bit. We made quite a sight - me covered in cum and Sandra's big tits jiggling dramatically in her thin dress - she'd forgotten to pick up her bra and had left it by our table under the stars. Quite a few people did a double take. Thankfully it was an adults only cruise so there were no young k**s running around to upset but although we raised a few wry sm… Lees meer

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Real couple swapping story -1

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I am narrating a real experience with couple from Bhopal with whom we had last year monsoon. We have interacted thru Wife Sharing Group,they were new and feeling shy to go ahead, though the hubby had strong desire,that is why he had posted in the site. We had few telephonic talks among four of us,but nothing seems to positive neither we were talking any erotic chat. We exchanged foto with face edited(erased),just confirm about all existence. After few hiccups, we all finally decided to go ahead.Being in this life style sin… Lees meer

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A knock at the door


I had a fabulous dream the other night infact, it woke me up because I thought (hoped) the man in the dream really was knocking at the door.... It was one of those cold, autumn nights that we are currently experiencing. I was tucked up at home with the fire on and wrapped up in my electric throw to keep the chill off. Lying on the settee in my undies and watching some rubbish online, with my right hand tucked inside my Yfronts, fiddling with my cock. I wasn't really horny or anything that's just how I tend to be when alone at home - there's always one of my hands on my willy. It must have be… Lees meer

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Look Mom, No Arms

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The accident left Tom with two broken arms.  The rest of his injuries left him bed ridden for three weeks.  Once they released him from the hospital his mother, Alice, would have to take leave to care for him until he could reuse his arms and take care of himself.  That meant Alice had to cleanse him, wipe his butt, and feed him.  An awful task for someone who is not a health care professional.  But she was up to the task.  It was awkward at first.  The young man kept apologizing whenever he had to use the rest room.  Bath time was a different story.&nb… Lees meer

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Christmas At Mrs B's


Mrs B , this was a little out of character for her but then most of the time her teenagers were up and about, so anything sex related was usually done in the bedroom. Christmas morning had arrived and my 2 had been dispatched back to the Ex's and I'd made my way round to Mrs B to have a bit of time with her before her family descended in the afternoon. I'd jumped into the kitchen helping get the veg ready when her son popped his head in the door and told us that his dad was there to pick them up for the 2 hour Christmas visit… Lees meer

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An Unexpected Delivery - Part 1


My son Jake doesn't like getting up in the morning. In fact, he'd stay in bed most of the day if he could. When he's back from university he spends a lot of time in his room and stays up until the early hours, glued to his computer screen. I'm not sure what he's doing, playing online games, chatting to friends and no doubt watching porn. he keeps his door shut and doesn't really appreciate interruptions. Although he's in his early 20's when he's home he behaves more like a teenager. I have to clear up after him, do his washing, cook his meals...God knows how he survives when he's away.… Lees meer

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Husbands fuck my Mom


My husband John and I have been split up for just under a year, not divorced yet but apart. We have been reasonably civil to each other, and we have kept a relationship with each others families, although somewhat distant. He occasionally goes around to my Mom's house to help out with a few chores, she is 68 now and on her own, and he does the typical 'man' things to help her out. What I didn't realize was how far those manly duties extended. One Saturday I dropped round to her house to return some things I borrowed. I rang the doorbell but no answer so I let myself in, as I have a key for se… Lees meer

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Taking one for the team.

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You may have read accounts of our swinging exploits previously. Generally my wife, Dawn tends to write these and a good job she makes of it too. But a change as they say, so I thought it was high time I gave an account of a recent meet that turned out better than I ever expected it to. Dawn and myself ( Joe ) have been swinging for nearly all of our married lives. We know it isn’t everyones cup of tea and certainly not to everyones liking, but it suits us. We are both highly sexed and it gives us an interesting addition to our already excellent sex life. Dawn tends to keep in touch with old s… Lees meer

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Wie mein Enkel mich verführte mit ihm zu Ficken.


Hallo mein Lieben, ich heiße Elisabeth und bin heute schon eine gestandene alte Dame von 72 Jahren. Seit acht Jahren Lebe ich nun schon alleine in meiner Wohnung, ich habe drei nette Kinder aufgezogen und habe vier sehr nette Enkel. Da ich ein sehr großes Haus habe mit einem großen Garten dazu, fällt da auch mal ab und an ein bisschen Arbeit an. Aber meine Enkel helfen mir gerne im Garten. Ich rief meine Tochter an damit sie mir doch Klaus für ein paar Stunden rüber schicken sollte damit er mir half wenn er Lust hätte. Klaus war ein Junger Mann von 18 Jahren gewesen und hatte hier und da mal e… Lees meer

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Perversion Chapter Three: Meeting Mary


(Please note the people mentioned in these stories are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. These stories contain explicit sexual descriptions and are aimed at the over 18’s) Sunday was a dead day for us at the home. We all dressed in our Sunday best and went to church for 10am. The younger ones split from the main bunch and went to the Sunday School while us older ones stayed with the congregation. The padre’s wife Susan (a cute woman of about thirty with mousey hair and nice figure) asked if I would take the younger ones, as the lay preacher who taught… Lees meer

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My Wife is a Bachelor Party Slut

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Not mine, but haven't seen it anywhere else yet. Will give credit/Delete/Whatever us needed, Ever since we'd gotten married, I had been teasing my wife Linda about how much I was looking forward to seeing her fuck another man. This always generated great sex for us and I think it was something she was hoping some day would actually played out One of my old friends from high school was getting married and his bachelor party was coming up and Linda would usually pout and try to tell me that we didn't need to have one. The thought of me and a few of my friends drinking and watching x-rated mo… Lees meer

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excuse my language, &/or pardon my french. but

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my God, but that is like say, or how you say like scary. this particular afternoon for something like six, or seven days before a, or the thanksgiving day holiday for this calendar year of two-thousand, & eighteen, twenty-eighteen whereas i'm watching that being of a news-story about a mad-shooter had went upon a shooting-spree upon the southside of the city of metropolitan Chicago, Illinois, u.s.a. before that being of the closing of the day for that being of the five o'clock p.m. hour. I mean this stupid, crazy, excuse my language, &/or pardon my French, s.o.b. bastard was armed to… Lees meer

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Muscle Spasm


Tonight was going to be one of those nights, only this was going to be something special. The woman I'd been seeing, named Holly, was a bodybuilder who took getting into shape very seriously. Tonight was no different as she won the Ms. Paradise competition, beating out a couple of young ladies who were just as ripped as she was. Afterwards, we celebrated with a trip to the movies and dinner in the finest Italian restaurant in town. Throughout the evening, Holly took her trophy everywhere we went just for showing off; even refusing to leave it in my car. I don't know it was ego or what, but I… Lees meer

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Texas Gilf-Ginger

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Some of you know I work in a career field with a lot of women, that's a major positive for me. I often travel the country on assignments, meeting women who are far away from home and often lonely. Ginger was no different. She's a mid 50's white woman, red hair, curvy hips, and nice full droopy breast. She's always professional, never giving any indication that deep down she was a cock starved nympho. I often work very closely with these women and friendships quickly blossom. Ginger was one of those lonely woman, her family lived in New York, husband stopped working and became lazy. She left hi… Lees meer

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Birthday Night out. (a different style of writing)


So we finish at the restaurant and the driver and bodyguard are waiting, The Driver ask you what’s next? You hesitate and look at me, I tell you this is your show and my birthday so you better hook it up! Smiling you tell them to the party! We get comfy inside the massive SUV and your feeling even more horny and have recovered from our public session! You ask me if you can remove the toy and you promised to put it back before we reach our destination. I just smile and you remove the toy and place it in your hand bag. You decide to continue removing items and within seconds it seems your comple… Lees meer

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This is a continuation of my story and Jan the older church going friend. Two weeks went by after sending the pictures I had taken of Jan for her to send on to her friends in the chat room. I had looked at the pictures several times, and I was aroused, and jerked of to them twice. The memory of her body stuck in my mind, and although she was not my type, there was something about her that made me wonder what she would be like to fuck. She was extremely naive with sex ,and to me, thought would not know much at all and would more than likely be a dead fish. Jan rang 2 weeks later and while cha… Lees meer

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Helping the Elderly Ch. 02

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Tracy fell asleep in Harry's arms wondering what it might feel like to have his gigantic member penetrate her hungry pussy. "Harry. Wake up. Harry." Tracy needed to return home to cook dinner for Jim. "What? Oh, Angel. Thank you for the best treatment a man could hope for!" Harry was still reeling from his orgasm Tracy gave him some two hours ago. "Harry..." Tracy smiled and put her dress back on. She turned so Harry could help her with the zipper. She reached down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Call me if you need anything." Tracy locked the door behind her. Harry drifted off… Lees meer

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The Second Ride With The Ex


As I'd said in the first story me and my ex used to go on bike rides together when I was unemployed , and feeling unemployable as a way get out of my house and get some exercise. When this happened she'd been seeing her then current boyfriend for about 2 months after one of the weird little brake ups they used to have. On the day in question we'd met up at mine as usual and set off the plan was go through Royston Vasey on the bottom road, up to the shop in Hil… Lees meer

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