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Class Distraction, Part 3

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So, while I was catching my breath after she got off of my face, Ms D was going through a box she had in the corner of the room. She was bent over and in between me gasping for air, I kept my eyes glued to her butt. OMG, this was so intense. She stood up and started putting something like a harness around her hips and butt. I furrowed my brow to see better, but I couldn't see until she turned around, and there it was. A giant, I mean huge, huge, strap-on dildo. My eyes went wide and I started to stand up. That thing was WAY too big for me. She was stroking it, applying lube I guess. Right… Lees meer

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Christine gets fucked again


Go to hers this morning, Christine's I mean knocks on the door, She open it with a funny look on her face, come in her says, so in I goes she sits at the table & says I've got something to ask you, I have seen your car in the carpark at the bottom of my mum's street, I hope you haven't been fucking my mum, would I, yes you would you bastard, Well all I can say is no I haven't & for the car being in the carpark I needed a bit of shopping, ( I'm thinking silly fucking slag of course I've been fucking your mother) Oh ok that's ok then, Right then Christine are we having a cup of tea its c… Lees meer

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My BBC Adventure

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I have to say, having sex with a black man was not something that I had thought about or was on my it`s very HOT Wife bucket list, although I know that is a big thing for some it`s very HOT Wives and couples. Anyway, it was springtime and I had 1 boyfriend at the time and he was out of town a lot, so I was on the look out for a new boyfriend. This was around the time that hubby was telling me I needed to go younger in my search for a new boyfriend, to at least have a larger pool of guys I was physically attracted to. So, with a bit more of an open mind I started chatted with a fellow online. His profile said he wa… Lees meer

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As Jim drives up driveway he notices that light for the dining room is on and the d****s are half closed. His heart begins to beat a little faster with fear of what might greet him inside. With a silly looking smirk on his face he looks into the dining room to witness a plate of food sitting at his usual dining spot and across the table laid an empty plate sitting in front of his wife Edith. Edith lifted her eyes only to glare deep into Jim’s then crossing her arms and blurted out “where fuck have you been.” Jim very coyly replied “I got off work early so I decided to stop The Bird for… Lees meer

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Mums Birthday Present to Me


My name is Mark and my fithteenth birthday is tomorrow. I’m glad tomorrow is Saturday so that I don’t have to attend school and mum will be home. She usually comes home from work to make dinner, does house work and then goes to bed. But tonight, I noticed she had been to the beauty parlor to have her hair done and she put on a dress. Evidently she wanted to look nice when she gave presents to me. I gave her a small gift and she hugged and kissed me to thank me. I think she is a little depressed about her age and was trying to put on a good front. Our birthday’s are on the same day and she will… Lees meer

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Medical experience


I went to my Dr to make my anual revision last year. It was a different Dr, she was about 35 and, paste glasses, very stylish, she looked very much like this woman... She was very simpathic, didn't stop making eye contact on my, that made me a bit embarrased. It was summer, we teens are tanned, skinny and swetty during ths times, i think thats why she was so close to me all the time, probably to keep spelling me. She didn't stop asking my sassy queestions like ¿Waw, you look so tall? ¿Do you workout? Im sure you work out a l… Lees meer

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Me and Mum


Ever since my dad and mum divorced, I had grown closer to my mum. We spent a lot of time together, shopping, cooking, vacationing we were use to seeing eacit`s very HOT her naked or walking around in our underwear. I guess I became the friend my dad never was to her. Mum taught me about the birds and the bees, and I found myself better prepared when I started puberty. But preparation could only do so much for me, at 13 I found myself becoming a man. I masturbated for the first time in my bedroom, fantasizing about a girl in my class at school, and was very surprised to find it`s very HOT , sticky cream covering m… Lees meer

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The Family Of Cucks And Sluts Part – 1

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For understanding this you all must know my story. This happened when I was in my 10 th standards. I was living with my father gireesh , a government employee who wore the the shirt tucked inside the pants and did a government job… Like all government employees, he goes to office at 9 and returns around 6 pm He was an ordinary pe… Lees meer

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The Family Of Cucks And Sluts Part – 2

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Thanks for your support guys Share your fantasies with me if you feel so and please give your valuable comments on my stories To understand the story please read the previous parts Story continues …. I saw my friend and his dad come to my mother’s showroom Mom tied my dog color under the table and I stayed low to stay hidden..I was still nude with dried oil and some cum over my body A… Lees meer

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The Sluts In My Life Teacher And Mom

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We are a rich family….I am my parents only son hishaam… My mother’s name is fathima and father is haneefa We are muslims but we don’t follow the traditional style and prefer modern style I am not a studious boy …I am in 12th standard and I study in a government school because even if we were rich I was very poor in my studies so dad only wanted me to graduate and look after his business…… Lees meer

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The Sex Encounters Of My Mom

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It was the funeral of my father Ramesh. . …….. He was the owner of a hypermarket and had married my mom when he was 24. … My mom was crying. .. She was 30 …… Her name was smitha. .. I am their son Gopal studying in 11 the standard … My mom delivered me when-whenjust 14 years old… It was a c***d marriage…. My father was very dominant in his family… He didn’t care about the relatives….But he financially helped them … My uncle had taken money from dad and one time when he didn’t return it …It forced dad to beat him…. Other… Lees meer

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I Pimp My Own Mom Part

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My name is sebin….Am a school student ……….. My mother is nafisa and dad is rahim… We are from a middle muslim family….. My dad is working in partnership with is brothers in coimbatore and come home twice a month… Our family earns enough to live a simple life … I have many friends at school….My best friends are vinu and jacob… They are quite richer than me…….All boys from other class are also my friends… My mom usually wears saree and a scarf which muslim women wear over her head…..But am modern… I al… Lees meer

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Blackmail Gangbang Made Mom Slut


My name is nandu …Am studying in class 11 in kerala. … Am from a family in which is quite more luxurious than the middle class.. Am studying in a respected CBSE school… My family consists of my father suresh ,my mom ganga and my brother…. My dad works abroad in gulf(kuwait) and my brother is studying engineering in bangalore.. In home I and my mom are only there…. My mom is a housewife…She is 40 years old but she looks like 33 years old..Like normal women she wears churidar while going out and nighty at home and for f… Lees meer

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Two Happy Families With One Mom – Part I

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Now I am 20 years old college student . Coming to my family back ground . I belongs to a middle class Bengali family that consists of 6 members now , means me , my parents , my little sister and grandfather (Dad’s Uncle ) and grandmother . My father runs his own small business , and he always keep himself busy with that. He has a strict routine of his work . And my grandfather Ananda was a retired service man . Now his age is 65 .Though he has maintained his body very well , and looks healthy and strong that look like 10 y… Lees meer

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Kalpana – A Untold Sex Thriller Story-1

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Ours is a nuclear family. My dad is retired banker but works for a CA and handles half his business, He is 66. my mother is 55 and socially active women. She is a bit trendy but still a little orthodox in thinking which means she never wore jeans in her life. Here Stats were 38-36-40, She was 5’2 in height and very fair.She was a pious lady too, watching kissing scenes with an actress wear… Lees meer

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Watching Porn Leads To Banging Mom For A Son

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“I have got one with group sex in it”, said Abdul excitedly. “Can I come over now?” “Yes, come quickly.” I replied, “Mom has gone to grandma’s place”. My Friend Abdul and I used to watch a lot of porn together. He used to buy them from vendors selling pirated DVD copies near railway stations. Both of us were horny 18 years old and this incident happened in the summe… Lees meer

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Oral Ecstasy – Son Writes Alphabets On Mom’s Pussy


This was a first time in my lifetime that we had face this issue, there was a major blackout in our area. The electricity had been out for an entire day and now night had started to fall. Readers, the story you are about to read happened in the month of May 2018. My name is Abdul Mirza. I am 19-year-old. I live in Panvel city near Mumbai. My family consists of my dad, mom, and two elder sisters. My dad is 51 years old. He has been working in Saudi for 15 years now. He went so that he can get both my sisters married and f… Lees meer

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She said she dreamed it

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I’m home finally from a business trip out of town and join her in bed. So, my wife whispers to me that she thinks she dreamt about him again last night. He’s a friend of ours who travels a lot for his job and is very independent, confident, intelligent, and interesting in a kind of rough unkept way. He is in and out of town often and visits frequently unannounced when he is back in town.… Lees meer

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My Two it`s very HOT Wives – Pt 1 (Sex In The Girls Hostel)

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My name is Samir from Mumbai, the story that I am going to share with you is a true story with my wives Pooja and Nurit. I was 24 when I met my first wife Pooja. Then I had just completed my MBBS degree and I had been to Chennai to do my internship. Pooja was 26 then and she was doing her MD in neurology. Pooja’s figure measured 36-24-36, she was perfect in every sense. In our introductory class, I just kept staring at Pooja. I loved the way she moved he… Lees meer

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Sons Turns His Sexy Mom Into Slutty Girlfriend


this story is about how seduced my mom and ended up loving her from head to toe. I am in the first year college doing my engineering. Natasha is my mom’s name and she is a 44 years old it`s very HOT and sexy woman. Not that I always fantasized about mom but my first semester in the college changed everything. My friends introduced me to this i****t concept and I heard a lot of stories about how they fucked their cousins and aunts. Hearing those used to give me a har… Lees meer

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