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The Housekeeper Part 3 - Parents Return

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Over the course of several weeks while their parents were in Europe, Lori and Trevor and the housekeeper, Angie, spent several hours every day fucking like a****ls. Lori and Trevor tried everything that Angie suggested to them. She had what seemed like an endless supply and variety of porn to demonstrate some of the things she suggested. Trevor even discovered that he liked having a dildo up his ass and began to wonder if he would like to take a real cock up there. Lori was a big fan of anal sex and also sitting back and watching Trevor bang away at Angie's holes. She had also become a fan of… Lees meer

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Mrs Wilkinson PT 3

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The phone started ringing which Hazel answered. "Time to go Steve ! Such a shame ah well always tomorrow" she smiled. I got dressed and wandered home in a bit of a daze. I couldn't believe what had happened and as I walked into my house I got another shock. "Hi Steve Hazel has just called and said thanks for all your help today and says to remind you its 10 o'clock in the morning" I quickly replied "Ok mam a bit more to do" "Shes very impressed with how hard you worked". "Yes I'm tired going for a lie down Mam". “Ok Steve” I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes. I couldn't get what h… Lees meer

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Just like mommas milk..


When my wife first got pregnant, I heard the warnings that her being pregnant and then having a baby would really affect our sex life. But little did I know at the time how much us having a baby would affect my sex life... and how our baby daughter's sweet innocent mouth would more than make up for the inevitable decrease in sex between my wife and me. My wife never had as strong of a sex drive as I had, but before she got pregnant with our first baby, our sex life was pretty good. We'd fuck three or four times a week and it was pretty good. She'd do most things I wanted, but there was one t… Lees meer

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Tactical Advantage Part 1

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Tactical Advantage Part 1 Business had been good. Pit`s very HOT ographs of the Farm from the early 1900's gave Dad the impetus to restore the farm back to the "Country Club" it had once been. Construction crews had restored its showcase appearance and once again, it was time to add more people to the staff. With only a few positions, Dad interviewed qualified applicants and the others were dismissed. As I passed the waiting room, one young woman remained sitting with her head down sobbing quietly. I asked Dad about her and he shook his head 'No' saying not qualified. Crossing the conference room to… Lees meer

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Nympho Fallon Secured

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Slutty Fallon freshly creamed by her boyfriend outside her home; gets double wicked by the security instillation guys rewiring her parent’s mansion.... Fallon was uncomfortable and it had nothing to do with the lax security she had encountered when arriving home after college. The back gate was unarmed. Now the back door opened without their family pin. Fallon thought, oh well I won’t dob in the cleaner. She adjusted the wet patch in her knickers again. God her arsehole still felt good but Jarryn had really fully creamed her. She was still seeping cum between her legs as she sauntered throug… Lees meer

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Took Mary to a gloryhole

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Mary (my girlfriend’s younger sister from previous story) was thinking about moving back to the area and so had scheduled a couple job interviews in town, so she stayed with my girlfriend and I for a week. I work from home two days a week and those are the days I get most of my porn watching in. I was slightly annoyed that Mary being at the house put that at risk, but since I had fucked her before (but in no way was going to make the first move because of my previous embarrassment!) I decided to watch anyway in the hopes it could lead to something. I was in my office when she woke up and c… Lees meer

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Dirty pantyhose secret


A few years ago my (then) girlfriend Anne got a job in another town and moved in with a new housemate. Her name was Carole, she was French, and it`s very HOT as fuck. Whenever I was round there I would flirt with Carole, my mind racing about how I would have liked to have been balls-deep in her pussy. She was average height, with perky tits, fantastic legs, dark hair and eyes, and a naughty smile. One day, Anne and Carole were at work and I was home alone, horny as hell. A thought occurred to me, and with my cock absolutely rock hard, I went into Carole's bedroom and went through her laundry basket look… Lees meer

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I love to watch guys Jack Off and Give the Hand Jo


I recently started getting really heavy into the fetish of Hand Job Play and watching guys masturbate. I am either perving vid's on websites that feature young, good looking hung men who are exhibitionists and love to stroke and jack off there cocks on web cam, or watching solo male jack off video on various adult web sites. I love to watch men stroke there cocks , make faces and bust off big lo It seems so naughty and arousing to me to watch guys pump and jack off there big cocks til there large cocks spill and shoot semen all over the place or into there big hands. I know that being a vo… Lees meer

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The first time I fucked my mother in-law

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As you can see from my pictures and videos, my mother in-law is very sexy. She is 60 years old, 5’4”, 34DD tits, fat ass and a tight body. Every time I see her I just want to bend her over, rip down her tights and fuck her hairy wet pussy until she cums over and over again. This story is about the first time I fucked my mother in-law. My wife and I, both 34, recently sold our house and while we waited for our new house to be built, moved in with her mom. My wife is 5’6” with a similar body to her mother. She has big 38DD tits with a fat ass, shaved wet pussy and tight thick body. I have alway… Lees meer

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Enjoying a pleasant costume party


While living in L.A., the New Year meeting celebration of my loving husband’s office was decided to be a costume party. A banquet room in a one of the local it`s very HOT els was rented and there we had the costume party on the last Saturday of the year. It was supposed to be a grand affair and it was supposed to be a mystery costume party...meaning that we were supposed to leave our costumes on all night long and nobody could tell anybody who they really were. My husband Victor went as Batman and I went as Cat Woman. My costume was really very sexy and great; it consisted of a tight one pi… Lees meer

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Slut: Take my wife part 4


Part 4 It had been just over two weeks since the night James opened up to me about his voyeuristic pleasures, watching his wife get fucked by other cocks. The night was the greatest sexual thrill of my entire life, as James gave me the go ahead, and I actually got the unbelievable opportunity, to fuck his ex stripper slut it`s very HOT wife in her very kinky lingerie. Suzi had partially covered her fantastic 34G-23-34 body in a leather look Waspie, black seamed stockings attached to the garters and the most salacious black soft leather thigh length boots, which I found out were her trademark, during h… Lees meer

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Fun at the wedding Part 1 of 2. The mother in law


I had been determined to consummate my marriage on our wedding night. When drinking with our next door neighbors Jill and Keith , they revealed that they hadn't, and that it was quite common. We asked around and found it to be true. So on the big day, Ann-Marie and myself had been telling each other what we were going do to each other later. The day went well,and most people had either gone home , or went to their room, in the it`s very HOT el where we got married. I couldn't see my new wife but found my new mother in law Samantha. Sexy Sam I always called her. She was only 19 years older than Ann-Marie… Lees meer

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His father takes me by surprise. Unfulfilled dream


A friend of mine and I are neighbors in a beautiful isolated country side setting near a small water way cove about a half mile away on the opposite side of the thick ruins. He lives with his dad in which I often make excuses to be close to as much as possible without being discovered by either one. So, early one bright and beautiful school morning I wait for my friend to get on the school bus before going to his place because I knew his dad would be there getting ready for a hard days work in the fields with his men. So, I briskly journey to his house and knock on the front door. His dad a… Lees meer

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Married women 4 - Daniela


Very early one fine summer morning on one of my days off my first and new cell-phone woke me up. I didn’t recognize the number, it was an SMS seemingly coming from a woman who wished me a nice morning in a very sunny tone. I answered it promptly, asked her who she was and why she had to get me out of bed so early in the morning. Of course I got no answer. However, I persisted! A few hours later I wrote again, saying that she was obviously very young, since elder people knew how to apologize. After that we had a long and very funny conversation over the next days and weeks, which her husband kn… Lees meer

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Anna married Rod Shelby in 1959. At first all seemed bright for them as they bought a house in a small nearby town with money Anna had inherited from her grandparents, her grandfather dying from a heart attack in 1958 and his wife just six months later. They went on honeymoon in the new state of Hawaii all thanks to Anna’s inheritance of course. Within a year she had her son Blake and daughter Emily two years later. Rod worked as a bulk truck driver for a dairy cooperative and went around participating farmers to collect fresh milk. I sometimes went with him when I Wasn,t in school and witness… Lees meer

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Mom friend my first

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Late in my youth my parents had to leave for europe. They didnt want me to be alone for a month. We had a family friend that lived a few houses away from us. My parents asked if i can stay with her when they were gone. I knew her since i was small. An older divorced woman. She was a bigger woman. Wore glasses. With big breasts but well dressed. I had always loved how she dressed. Always in stockings and high heels and some kind of necklace hanging down into her cleavage. In my first year of university. I was a shy chubby young man. Never had a a woman before. Too shy to even try. That friday… Lees meer

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Mature Maggie Gets a BBQ Breeding


[Contains: M/Mature F, Hardcore, Impregnation & Babymaking] I couldn't believe my luck – all my friends were going down to the beach, and I had to help my parents with a BBQ they were throwing. I had tried all the excuses I could think of but they weren't buying it. “I've paid for you to study at University for 2 years, Ron” my father said. “It's the least you can do.” So, I eventually gave in and agreed to help with the cooking and drinks. As my parents friends started to arrive, I did the usual thing of being pleasant and polite and making small talk with people who I had known for… Lees meer

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The Yong Amazons Part 3


Young Amazons Part 3 Recap of parts 1 and 2: Edward and James are Fitters in the Albion Army. Their colleagues had been caught, tortured and executed by two ruthless young Amazons. The girls had stalked the two surviving men and caught them and beaten them up. They had led them bound and naked through the forest. They had come across a four man Albion Army patrol. The young girls had confronted the men and butchered three of them instantly. The fourth was milked of his semen before being castrated and killed. The two beautiful young Amazons, Thong and Tight Skirt, now led the men on leads att… Lees meer

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underwear fun part 3

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After Jim had gone I set about cleaning the knickers we had spunked on along with the other items for good measure and put them back in my sister's room. The weekend passed uneventfully - my sister often stayed with friends over the weekend as this was easier in terms of her going out socialising. I didn't see Jim, but that wasn't anything unusual as we would quite often go for periods of not seeing each other and just doing our own thing. I was itching to get back to having the house to myself again. The following week began with the sense of relief that my parents and sister would be going… Lees meer

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Cray day at the football! Just WOW!! Must Read!


Holy fuck, what an afternoon! I'll try and paint the picture, but i'm still slightly in shock and super fucking horny lol! Went to an away game today, few beers then got to my seat about 5 minutes before kick off. Was pleasantly surprised when i realisied i'd be seated next to an extremely sexy young teen chav. At a guess, i'd say she was a foster c***d, as she was with 2 old aged people she called Mum and Dad, council estate types, wow was she unruly! We were all seated in a old football stand, extremely busy, seats extremely close to one an other and a sold out allocation. It all started ex… Lees meer

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