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Daddy invites daughter into his bed


Daddy seduces and deflowers his daughter on her 18th birthday. Then invites her to share his bed. The story continues the morning after Daddy made his daughter a woman. There will be more stories to follow. I wake up in a beautiful it`s very HOT el suite. I’m in the double bed, I look beneath the sheets and I’m naked. I turn over and bump into the naked form of my Dad. Then I remember what happened last night before I fell asleep. I smile and a warm glow fills me. I kiss and stroke down Dad’s back. He stirs in his sleep. I snuggle up behind him, my naked body spooning into his. I continue to ki… Lees meer

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My Dad’s close friend

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By Dina Petro My name is Lana, I was eighteen years old when the events of this story happened, being a real good looking girl, with a sexy body that looked curvy, sexy and very attractive, even though I was still young. I lived with my parents, my brother and sister in our family house, we had a nice, open minded family relations, very spacy freedom levels from our parents somehow, we girls dress freely at home and move freely as well, even in front of the family guests, my father’s friends and others. My whole family went on a trip for a few days, but I could not go with them for some commi… Lees meer

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"The Dream Reaper"


Chapter 1 I awoke feeling the sperm running down my thigh. It had happened again, a wet dream that I’d been having three times a night. It always started the same way, I would be in a bar getting a drink, and once I sat down in an alcove that was situated at the back of the bar, someone would get under the table and start to give me the best damn blowjob ever. However, I couldn’t see who it was, and when they’d taken me to the very edge, I would cum for real, and wake up. I cleaned up the mess, and then lay there wonder… Lees meer

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Katie taken up the Arse at Christmas - 50 year old


Being fucked by a father and son seems more like something from a porn movie script rather than a Christmas do. Last year I was fucked by my junior colleague and his uninvited friend last year after a Christmas do and drink - (see an earlier story). Hard to believe that it is Christmas party time again! This year my pimping boss promised me to a client after our evening do, well I sort of volunteered, take one for the team, especially a beefy customer, mmmmmm. Anyway at dinner I somehow found myself sat between a father and son. Dave, a deputy director like me and his son Oliver, a recent gr… Lees meer

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my real sex live few days ago

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Every year there is an event for companies which are very succsesfull. This year I manage to come to the top. As a young boy I was lucky I had style and ladies loved me. I was kind of a Playboy for them. I could get everything I want, money, credit cards, which I used, presents etc… I even got my first car from one MILF, she was very lonely, and I had a chance to be her young lover boy, while her husband was working all the time. Well thats just short version off how I get some money to start my own bussiness. Men I m always so horny I need to fuck at least a few times on day. Luckily I hav… Lees meer

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My Step Mom and Me


When I first met the lady that later became my step-mom, I was 12 yrs old. I thought she was okay looking, since she was a bit over weight, but her oldest daughter, BOY, she was a KNOCK OUT. Her youngest daughter, she just looked like a normal teenage girl, but nothing really to make your head spin twice. My dad would drive out to her house (she lived out in the country, about a 30-minute drive from where we lived at in town), usually 2-3 a week, and we usually stayed late, with the 2 of them watching TV, and talking and stuff. On school nights, if we stayed out there late, I was told to go… Lees meer

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Jennifer's Birthday Present from Her Mom and


This story is an actual event that happened to me a few years back. I had lost my privileges to drive a truck for a few years, so I decided I would go to work in fast foods, as a maintenance person. I worked hard enough that the franchise owner decided to send me to school to learn how to actually work on all the equipment in the stores, as well as doing my usual daily work. Now, the advantage to this position is a few things. 1) You basically work by yourself, and are not really crowded onto a counter, or assembly line. 2) You go in early in the morning and are usually off by early afternoon… Lees meer

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I saw my Mom's bush


In my early teens it was Summertime. I came into the house by the front door. I did not make a lot of noise, and I saw my mom in the back yard hanging clothes. I was about to turn away when she bent over to pick up some clothes from the laundry basket, and I saw her house dress raise up and she wore no panties and flashed her black haired bush at me. She did this over and over, and since no one could see, no one was around (she thought) she paid no mind to how high her dress rode up on her hips. I was riveted. I kept watching… Lees meer

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My BBW Mom

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Dedicated to BBW lovers Hey guys, I’m Dan. I am your average 23 year old boy, super horny. I was not a late bloomer when it came to losing my virginity, I was 16, but it was a once time sloppy fuck with the school tramp, and that was it. . I started looking at my mom sexually at around 18, but I figured it would go away and that I was just so desperate for sex anyone was looking good to me. My desire for my mom grew. She is my biggest fantasy. She is 54 years old about 5'5 and 280 pounds. She is the reason for my love of BBW women. Whenever I am watching porn or am getting with a girl I alway… Lees meer

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Daddy Got Me a Doggy

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He got me a doggy. Finally after months and months of begging, my Daddy finally caved and brought home a dog. His name is Fang. It isn't a puppy but that's fine with me. He's a good dog and very sweet and affectionate too. He always wants to lay with his head in my lap… and he does other things too. This happened the other day… When my Dad went to work, the doggy stayed with me. Even when I started touching myself in the big girl way I do when I know I won't get caught… he seemed curious, wanting to smell my hands. I let him and he licked my fingers clean sending a shiver through me. I'd s… Lees meer

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She Controlled Me More Than I Thought


The first day “Stand in front of me” as she sat on the coach with her knees pulled up and resting to the side. As I got up she leaned back letting her arms rest out on top of the couch pushing her breast forward into the tight sweater slightly stretching the fabric. As I stood in front of her, she looked me in the eyes with a little grin and said “strip!” I hesitated, I kind of liked the idea but this was real. I started to feel embarrassed and kind of stupid. Seeing that I was unsure she slowed it down. “Start with your shoes then your socks thats easy nothing at all.” She said. I c… Lees meer

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Hijabi affair

FetishInterraciaal sexTaboe

My husband and I have a reasonable sex life. I don't have much of an appetite and only like a few positions. My husband likes sex a lot more than I can manage. However, I do sometimes get turned on thinking about him being with another woman. Recently I have been fantasising more and more about women wearing the hijab. There have been a number of porn movies made with women dressed in a hijab and I live in an area with plenty of hijabi women. The below story is a fantasy of mine between my husband and my friend Zahra. Zahra is an old friend of mine. We had been to school together bu… Lees meer

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My sexy second wife age 25 blonde ex beauty queen.

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We got friendly with another couple who lived on our estate , I met Bryan through my go-karting hobby , we came back to my home one day to find my wife sitting on the washing machine ,it was vibrating on spin mode ,she said it was to stop it jumping around ,we said it looked like you were enjoying it . Even when Bryan's wife was around he didn't hide the fact he would love to look up my wife's skirt ,while watching slides of their holidays he put his camera between my wife's knees she just giggled ,didn't bother me at all . On leaving our car was parked at the rear of their house ,Bryan came t… Lees meer

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A Fathers Dream

Interraciaal sexHardcoreTaboe

Every one in this world has a dream. I am not speaking of the outside dreams, but of inside dreams; dreams which you never told to anyone and which you never tell anyone; dreams which you never try to realize them, but dreams which you always dream of. Every one has a dream about his love and life partner but every man also has dream of sex. It is a sexual fantasy. A sexual fantasy you dream… Lees meer

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Visitor from Abroad

Lesbische sexTaboeVolwassen

So, this is another thing that happened. I was in class again with Ms D and she announced that she had a guest to introduce us to. I was curious about who it could be. A woman walked into the room and Ms D told us all that her name was Madame E and that she was a friend of hers that she met on a trip to France. I watched her walk across the room and kiss Ms D on both cheeks. I giggled a little bit and so did some of the other students. Ms D glared at me and I wanted to hide under my desk. She whispered something to Madame E and they both chuckled. Madame E nodded and then looked at me with a… Lees meer

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Dad was out....

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I was over at Karen's house across the street from mine. I had just turned sixteen and Karen was going to give me a pool party. We played games and talked about boys. I already had my bathing suit on. It was new. It was a red two piece. The bottoms barely covered me. I liked them because the bottoms had cute little ties on each side which made it real easy to put on. My top was a tie also. It tied in back. It was the only tie. It didn't matter much. It didn't take much to cover my tittys. At sixteen I still had little boobies. Karen and the rest of my friends kept talking about boys. None… Lees meer

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My best friend and my girl


My girlfriend, Alyssa, and I have been together for years now, and we’re in our early-ish twenties. We met while working together at a local hardware store, and it was great because it was us two, my best friend Matt, and another good friend, Eddie, that typically worked all on the same shift. We all lived generally close so work wasn’t the only place I got to see them all. Since a couple months after we began dating, we started having sex, and it was the best I’ve ever had! Although, I never had a lot of experience in the past. After about a year and a half, I left the hardware store and got… Lees meer

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#01 How I found out about my best friend and gf


First story, cut me some slack. Based all on memory. My girlfriend, Alyssa, and I have been together for years now, and we’re in our early-ish twenties. We met while working together at a local hardware store, and it was great because it was us two, my best friend Matt, and another good friend, Eddie, that typically worked all on the same shift. We all lived generally close so work wasn’t the only place I got to see them all. Since a couple months after we began dating, we started having sex, and it was the best I’ve ever had! Although, I never had a lot of experience in the past. After abou… Lees meer

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Basement Baby Girl


We have been having play dates for a while, we have been having sex since you were in your teens. We tried to stop but our sex is so it`s very HOT , because of the connection. Now you are 28, and we still get together as often as we can. We are a couple, so I'm Daddy, and you are my baby girl We agree to meet and I have the use of my friend’s basement which has a doctor’s exam table. My friend stays in a room off the side, watching and monitoring three small cameras, that he takes video of us, and mixes the sit`s very HOT s, and sends me a copy of it for letting him record. I haven’t told you about the videos, so… Lees meer

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Fallen Mother


My mother was like another mom. Until she cheated on my father and I caught her. Life was dull growing up in the Midwest small town. I was a sophomore in high school when it happened. One late August morning I had stayed the night at a friend's house and had woken up early and decided to go home and sleep in a bed for the few hours. My father works construction and was gone early 4am 6am was the latest he ever left for work. I got home mom's car was in the driveway, I put my bike back in the garage, then I saw another car parked on the back side of our garage by the alleyway. Weird, I though… Lees meer

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