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The New Intake

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I glance into the sleeping room, hours after the welcoming ceremony had ended, checking up on my charges as I do every year at this time. I am greeted by the sound of quiet snoring, of light breathing. The very air itself is thick with the sweet-sour scent of wine and perfume. Not a single girl is still awake, not a single one is moving. Hardly surprising after the night of song and dance that they had enjoyed, a night of individual expression and glorious celebration. And who could blame them? The welcoming ceremony was th… Lees meer

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Granny makes a move


“Good, you’re here,” my grandmother said. “I came as fast as I could,” I said in reply. “You’re a good boy. Come in.” She opened the door wider to allow me access. “Quickly,” my grandmother added. “Get inside.” Her urgency puzzled me but, I as stepped into the house, I forgot about that. “What’s this about?” I asked, nonplussed by the incongruous high heels and towelling robe. “I want a word,” my grandmother said, sharp in her tone. Confused and anxious, I felt my insides go loose, fear a visceral squeeze in the pit of… Lees meer

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A very precocious daughter


“You’re not going out like that?” It was a question, not a statement. At thirty-one, my daughter was too old for me to make any demands. Those days were long over. I couldn’t ground her and send her to her room, but the short skirt and precipitous cleavage brought out the old-school dad within. Belligerent as I remembered her being when she was still subject to my rules, she looked at me and said, “I am.” I was on the back foot by then. I knew I had no authority but still had to try. “That skirt’s a bit short,” I said. J… Lees meer

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HIS P.E.T. 8


CHAPTER 8: AMSTERDAM I felt like a little girl, again. As the driver pulled the hired car into the executive airport and the KININGH Group hangar came into view, my excitement was so thick and sweet around me it seemed like a multi-hued veil coloring everything I saw. When the car pulled through the gate and around the building, the aircraft awaited like a gleaming white apparition intended to deliver me to a new and mystical experience. For a girl who had seen little of even the Southwest of the USA where I was born… Lees meer

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Groping Experiences


I don't have alot of experience groping strangers in public considering how easy it can be to be arrested, so it is something that I only have done 3 times before. I am not going to lie though, with the recent weather causing girls to wear less, I am tempted to try it again. The first time I ever attempted it I had just gotten off of work. I was at a local grocery store buying some beer after driving around stroking my cock a bit before arriving at the store, so by then I was pretty turned on and hoping to see some ass or cleavage in the store. To increase my chances i did a lap around to make… Lees meer

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HIS P.E.T. 7


CHAPTER SEVEN: PET & HER HOUSEMATES I returned from my run it`s very HOT and sweaty. As usual, I re-entered the house from the back rather than the front door. The house seemed quiet but that wasn’t unusual. I headed up to the master bedroom for a shower. I stripped off the little running shorts and sports bra, dropping them on the floor of the bathroom to hang over the shower after I was finished with it. I wrapped a towel around myself and stepped into the bedroom only to hear someone in the sitting room. I walked to the… Lees meer

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Fertility Down: Chapter 4. Future Solutions

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Chapter 4: Future Solutions I walked into the main office and there was a slick attractive woman standing at the large desk the receptionist sits at when you come in. She seemed to know me right away because she turned to me and put on a big smile for me. “Hi Logan. I’m from Future Solutions.” She stuck out her hand for a hand shake. Her outfit if you could call it that, almost seamed like it came from a Halloween shop labeled “Sexy Professional” of something. Her large bust had a decent amount of cleavage out. I could tell this was a trick for guys to for exclusive contracts. Sex se… Lees meer

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taboo bucket list part 2


continuing from what happened before im currently waiting for my son to get home from work my husband his dad is away till tomorrow my son promised to stretch me out good a proper :) so i started to suck my sons cock and he was completely submissive right now 20-25 minutes ago i was thinking on how to seduce him i think i did pretty well in short amount of time all the time blowing him i just wanted him inside me not to make me cum or him to cum early in me just to say that iv'e accomplished something on my bucket list he had no idea either what i was gonna do to his cock either blowing him… Lees meer

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Mistis' Adventures Part 46


They arrived back at the house to find Mama Campbell cooking dinner, and Mama Breen setting out the dishes and putting the food in dishes for the family. They all rushed over to the two mothers to kiss them "Hello," and being kissed in return, Mama Campbell cocked an eyebrow at the group in her special manner, and commented wryly, "Looks like someone has been plowing the South 40 today. Do you reckon the seeds will take hold?" Betty and Cathy both understood her inference at once, but, Misti, who hadn't been exposed to these references, before, didn't catch her drift. They clarified Mom's mean… Lees meer

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Lorem Ipsum

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What is Lorem Ipsum? Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum. Why… Lees meer

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Robyn fucks an old man


If you asked me why I did it, I couldn’t give a reason. There was no one single element to what happened that I can point to now, many years later, and say, “Yes, that was why I did it.” It was a it`s very HOT summer, I was nineteen and had only just realised that when men looked at me they were often imagining what it would be like to see me without clothes on. A boyfriend I’d had at the time enlightened me by going on about how I should wear shorter skirts to show off my legs and bottom. He would rave over the size o… Lees meer

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Step-mother's revenge


“Your father’s an arsehole,” she said. Surprised, I said, “What?” She’d been sitting on the stairs when I walked into the house. Startled because I hadn’t expected to see her there, I’d blurted out, “Jeez, you scared me,” pausing before adding, “How come you’re sat there?” That’s when she’d said it. I’d closed the front door and dropped my sports-bag onto the floor, car keys going into the small bowl on top of the wooden cabinet. It was when I glanced up towards the first-floor landing I’d seen her. After I’d asked the qu… Lees meer

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Episode 113: Mother's Milk

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Ms Jones the Human Biology and Sex Ed teacher had already exhausted all the legal material for her Year 11 class, attended by Molly and Rachel. The GCSEs were nearly over and most ch*ldren would be leaving soon for the long summer holiday and then start at the local Sixth Form college. Ms Jones planned one last day for her class to remember - a trip to the slightly obscure Mothers Milk farm. It had no web-site and no need of any advertising, but was very well known by the local maternity units and a large number of satisfied private clients. “Do we need to bring anything?” asked Molly, thin… Lees meer

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The Glory Days Part 1

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Second story I have ever written so please give as much constructive feedback as possible. Names and locations have been slightly altered to protect individuals and establishments It was a humid summer evening in my hometown of Evanston Illinois, I would describe Evanston as a small town/suburb with a close knit community feel, aside from Main Street which is Evanston’s main hub the community was quiet, peaceful and made up of mostly working class families. I worked a modest job cleaning tables and serving drinks at a local bar, it wasn’t glamorous but it helped to keep the bills paid which… Lees meer

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aFtEr ThE DiVoRcE pt1

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When I was yngr she would have me wash her back while she showered. It was when I was a teen when I realized that her moans when I got to her ass and pussy were of pleasure. After I left my wife she offered me a place to live. Her husband past away four years prior and she lived alone. She was lonely and hadn't dated in all that time. I had nowhere else to go and it seemed like a great place to get back on my feet. The first night there she started making little comments about how lonely she had been and how it was nice to have a man back in the house. I come from an affectionate family an… Lees meer

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Early Family Life Part 2


I slipped my shorts back on and followed Mum back into the house, her panties had ridden up the crack of her nicely rounded arse and I could see the tightness of them in her thigh gap, she knew I was looking and gave a little wiggle as she walked into the kitchen. She looked down at my shorts again to see the reaction and I wasn’t going to disappoint as a visible bulge was appearing, it was like she had a new toy and was determined to get the best use of it, she reiterated again how pleasing it was that Dad and Val had a close relationship and hoped that we could enjoy the same, no pressure bu… Lees meer

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First Cock in hose as a teen

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My first cock was as a teen. I had a neighbor that had a ham radio, and I was always interested in the antenna on his house and talking on a radio across the world. As my interest grew, so did his interest on me as a teen. I never really paid much attention to his "advances" until they became obvious when he would walk out with his cock hanging out and act like it was an accident. He would purposely leave out porn for me to find and when I would glance at it, he would grab it and say "lets check this out together". He had a BBW wife who as far as I was concerned, was just an older lady with bi… Lees meer

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HIS P.E.T. 5


CHAPTER FIVE: TWO WEEKS AGO My boss wasn't pleased one bit that I came off a two-day personal time absence only to request an emergency two-week vacation. In fact, he was unhappy enough that he rejected my request. I kept remembering what both Kara and Hein had repeated to me: either the bank didn’t appreciate me or they were taking advantage of me. Based on the information they had, I was being taken advantage of and the bank knew they were doing it. It was with that belief that I didn’t blink at my boss upon him rej… Lees meer

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Hazel ! Conclusion !

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I was right ! Kevin came and joined us. "Well isn't this cosy" said Hazel. "Just Go Kev" I thought to myself but he picked up the glass she had poured and swallowed it in one. Hazel filled it again "Thirsty" she asked "mmmm" he replied "its nice". "So what work are we doing Mrs Wilkinson" Kev asked innocently. "Its nice work isn't it Steve ?" and looked at me, giving a wry smile. I nodded yet wanted to shake my head. "Yes Kev its really good work. You can do it. I'm going home" Hazel gave me a scary look as I moved to the gate and left. I felt relieved and thought of what Kevin had to en… Lees meer

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Mistis' Adventures Part 45


Since everyone was so tired, they all took their showers and turned in for the night. The two Moms had decided to share a bed, Cathy and Billy had gone to their regular room, and Dave slept in the room that Sharon had used. She had been in it for long enough that her scent still lingered. It made it smell so nice. Carol was in her and Dave's bedroom with the baby. Betty, since she had a habit of getting up during the night, and checking on Carol, decided to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Dave wouldn't mind a bit for her to share his bed, but, she enjoyed sleeping on the sofa. It was soo… Lees meer

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